Hi my name is Jazmin

Hi my name is Jazmin (I’m 22 years old). They had me on Anti-anxiety medication for 8 years because my psychiatrist and therapist thought I had social anxiety disorder. I have a feeling its more than just that. When I was 12 I started feeling these weird symptoms of wanting to tip over or fall. I was bullied for a long time in middle school because I couldn’t sit for a long time without feeling dizzy or wanting to faint (in class I’d be like almost tipping over). As a result my classmates would mimic me. From that point foward, i developed a horrible social anxiety. To add on, stairs are so hard for me to go up and down; my legs feel weak and shaky. When I go for a walk, I feel like the ground below me is moving and my legs lock up. I panic when people are around because I feel like they will think I’m weird.


Welcome to the forum Jazmin. I hope you find its resources useful.

Balance issues have a sure way of making people feel vulnerable. Once the world appears to be so unstable and in our perception appearing to move when we know it truly isn’t nothing seems quite the same again not at least for a long time. However rest assured it’s pretty much an Invisible Illness and although you may feel as if you must look off balance and weird to those around you it’s highly unlikely that you do.

As your post infers you have recently sought medical update I trust your medical providers have now been able to give you an accurate diagnosis and arrange some treatment/therapy to assist.