Hi new here - wondering if Menieres or MaV or both

Well 30 years ago i started getting dizzy spells - not vertigo. it usually lasted several weeks at a time in the Spring and the Fall only. This went on for years but has gotten worse. It started getting worse about 9 years ago now i seem to be sick in the summer also - in the winter when it’s cold is about the only time i feel decent unless there is fireplace smoke.

I was born with with asthma and had that until i moved in 1975 and was symptom free for 5 years and it all came back in this form.

i’m real sick in spring mostly and now this fall has been the worst ever i know the pollen is higher than ever before and the pollution has been getting worse every year.

Another factor - menopause - two years postmenopausal now i’m sure that contributes.

anyway i’ve had about 3 weeks of barely being able to drive. I drive butg when i get to a redlight i get real dizzy - like anxiety sets in that sets it off. I’ve been geting rides to work when i can but the rest of the time I can work at home but it’s getting old and sure dont want my employer to be upset with me even though i’m working hard at home too.

it’s depressing and i hate being a burden to my BF and everything. I’m not all that dizzy when i’m just at home but when i go out and esp in a car i get sicker - every time i go outside i get sicker anyway.

i’ve been ton many ENTs and neurologists and Neurotologists over the years. I like the one i have now and this past May when i went in telling him that i hae actually had 3-4 actual hydrops vertigo attacks he is leaning towards menieres.

my symptoms are: fatigue, shaking, dizzy feeling like gonna pass out at time. anxiety some pain in head esp at mastoid bone off and on - pressure in ears. just general malaise some times. i know it will get better when th eweather changes. I am keeping a diary of food et. right now.

what do you think? i guess you can get both menieres and MaV. I do have hearing loss on left side not a lot but tests pro need to be r3run by now sine i’ve had three vertigo attaks sine last time.


Hi Chris,
I was talking to a lady from the Australian branch of Menieres group a few months ago, she is the coordinator for them.
She has recently been to a few confrences for Meniers, with neurologists as guest speakers.
She was telling me that many of the Dr’s dealing with Menieres patients are finding Migraine is often comorbid condition .
There is a lot of research being done as we speak , to try and identify which came first the chicken or the egg, if in fact Menieres is from a migrainous condition, or just coincidence.
There is no know reason for Menieres and only preventive diets and meds.
Migraine is much the same.
I myself hav’nt ever had the “pass out feeling” you have,or fullness in my ears only happened in the first year or so, but have heard one other person discribe this symptom who was believe to be a maver.
But know all too well the “anxiety” you have as victoria so aptly and brilliantly put it, physiological" rather than “psychological”

I suppose your other symptoms, could be menieres involvement, I dont personally know that much about menieres, but there are others here who would, also Scott has another Menieres dicussion/posts on this forum you might want to check out as well.

all the best to you with your future health.
Good on you for being pro active in you search forgood health. :smiley:


I have not been on in a while. I have been diagnosed with MAV for 6 years and I have it under control with Verapamil and Zoloft. As high as 95%…well a month or so ago Ihad low pitched hearing loss in one ear. They did there rule outs another MRI - normal, lyme - noormal, a few others… I was diagnosed with Menieres and given 2 steroid injection and put on a diuretic. They said I probably have both… I was dizzy in previous years but not vertigo… My other symptoms are a little more ramped since the diagnosis. Anxieted and frustration probably from the hearing loss… My Dr said it is very hard to distiguish the difference. Hearing loss is one way they can tell the difference. Dr said give the Diuretic 4 to 6 weeks. It has been a week. It has settled done a little bit but well see…



Yeah i guess here is a fine line between the two i do have some hearing loss in my left year - low level sounds i guess.

i’d like to get all the tests done again as i hae gotten worse.

i’m anxious to talk to the dr this month but there are so many drugs i can’t take beause of my low blood pressure and asthma so i have to be careful.

I hope you are all feeling better!!