hi to all i would like to say i am new to this forum but been diagnosed with VM for over a year now

I am reading stories both successful and unsuccessful and trying to learn the lessons that you all have been through, like many mine started out of the blue with no root cause (that I can see). From there it just spiralled out of control having episodes daily, randomly. since then, found triggers that cause episodes such as flickering lights, sleep patterns and stress were major factors, but I am sure there is more, once in an attack from them I pretty much lie on the floor face down until it passes this can be 5 mins or hours and can last about a week. I had an MRI yesterday I asked the guy in there if they move the table up and down when doing this of course he said "no”, but it felt like I was onboard a ship. The worst thing I am experiencing is the short-term memory loss with pretty much anything, my wife is pretty much at her limit with me, and we have a toddler on our hands I work away during the week as I am in the armed forces, but this is hard and a daily battle now even over a year in it does has gotten better but nowhere near where I need to be any help or advice is very welcome at this point please.


Welcome to the forum @milne153 , you will find lots of good information here. I want to say something about your MRI experience:

I had an MRI when I was in hospital with a major vestibular attack last May and I could not get out of the MRI machine by myself. My legs were shaking very badly and I needed help. The person who helped me said that “I get dizzy when I have an MRI and I don’t suffer from dizziness or vertigo normally”. He explained that MRI machines have very strong magnets and they can cause a person to feel dizzy. He also said that once you are out of the machine for a while, you revert back to baseline. This was the case for me.

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yes that’s the same with me, did the MRI reveal anything? I have had one in the past that showed nothing so i am expecting the same.

No, my MRI was all clear.

MRI tables do vibrate. Maybe only obvious to hyper motion sensitive types, like you and me. Vibrations main trigger. I’ve twice had an MRI and after both occasions they resulted in full on vestibular attacks that knocked me off my legs for days (eight the first time and 14 the second and that one was on high dose meds) Some of the cause is the noise but triggers are culmulative and it all just adds up.btw if you ask you will find most staff involved in MRI scanning have never actually been in one!