Hissing in the ear is killing me

Gonna die because of the hissing sound in ear . It’s an torcher like anything. I read there is no medicine to stop . How to survive with this continuous hissing sound . I can’t . Sorry my universe.having sensorineural problem also.

I’m afraid it’s extremely common.

It’s very hard to give you a prognosis, but just to say that I have learnt to live with mine and hardly notice it. It has got less too. I’m still hoping that in the long term it will dwindle. Hang in there!

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I ‘hear’ you on a whole new level, Kailaz Cailaz! After many years with the hissing in the left ear, I grew to barely notice it unless it fluctuated. Since whatever has hit my previously good ear rendering me almost totally deaf overnight, I have a very different LOUD rushing noise in the right ear as well!! Because of the deafness I keep trying to mentally ‘push away’ the rushing sound so I can hear better!! Sincerely hope it will subside or that I will get to ignore it soon!! At this point I’m taking it as a positive that I can again hear the hissing faintly…perhaps the rushing is lessening!! Try to stay positive - you WILL learn to live with it!!!


Recently I have noticed increased incidence of hissing in my ears particularly the right one obviously more noticeable at night or when tired/stressed it seems to be linked to my heartbeat and increased if that rises to be honest it’s different to the high pitched ringing I get and sounds like a short wave radio being tuned in I guess its tinitus but no doctor has been quick to diagnose or suggest treatment when I’ve mentioned it.

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Yeah tinnitus. I’ve still got mine ~6 years after it started. It’s almost the only symptom that persists. Avoid caffeine and sugar or sugary food and definitely both at same time. Always try to get good sleep. Avoid stress.

The tinnitus has slightly improved but the main thing that has improved is my attitude towards it.

If the vestibular symptoms go then why not the tinnitus? So, I remain hopeful it will go too one day.

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That’s most probably because there isn’t much available. We can each surely diagnose our own tinnitus and there’s not any effective treatment around. Lots of devices to help people minimise its effects such as ‘white noise machines’ etc, plenty of advice on management like playing low music to mask it when in a quiet area and so on. I have seen courses - CBT type stuff and other, supposed to help. Stressing and worrying on it makes it more noticeable apparently. The less attention we give it the less obtrusive it should appear. Mine is a slight fizzing in one ear intermittently so I’m lucky. Others experience far more disruptive symptoms but it seems we have to just learn to live with it mostly.

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Hi @Matty73
My PVM has been well-controlled by amitriptyline for the last 4 months or so but the tinnitus is still with me. I’d never had it before the PVM kicked in big time just over a year ago.
Mine is a screaming/screeching sound. I don’t notice it if I’m out and about or talking to people but it’s much much worse afterwards.
Once I was over the age of about 25, I’ve never particularly listening to music so don’t find that helps, at any volume.
The things I’ve found best are having the TV or radio on low volume, on a programme which has an even hubbub of voice(s) - like a cookery programme or a low-key travel programme. You don’t have to like the content and I have it so low that I can’t actually hear what they’re saying unless I really really concentrate.
My other way to get a break from the screeching is to play sounds like rain etc. Alexa has a huge range of sounds she can play which is fab. You just have to learn exactly what she calls the sounds you like so you can request them again without her reeling off a list of about 50 sounds she can offer you :joy:
I’ve just got to the stage of seriously researching the in-ear things you can get to play white noise etc. I should really get my wifi headphones out but they’re a bit of a faff.
Hope you find something to help. I’m just glad that I can function on any level at all after 6 months of PVM followed by 6 months of recovery.
People assume I’m “better” but the tinnitus definitely has an adverse effect on my thinking, concentration, social stamina and tolerance of other people’s behaviour :joy::joy:

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People do find various forms of ‘white noise’ very useful for masking tinnitus. There are topics relating.

PVM? Not a standard abbreviation I’m afraid. I hazard ‘Persistent Vestibular migraine’ or had you something else in mind?

Btw Amitriptyline is known to worsen tinnitus. Indeed I think all the tricyclics can.

FYI that wasn’t my experience, no improvement but no deterioration either.

I’ve given up the Amitriptyline but the tinitus hasn’t changed much I’m afraid my tinitus is short bursts usually when tired high pitched usually but hissing sometimes for some reason fan heaters seem to bring it on not sure why??

I’ve been getting this for the past four months or so, just started out of the blue so have no idea as to cause. Feels like a gentle whooshing sound in my ears in time to my heartbeat. Haven’t done anything about it as I wasn’t sure anything could be done, and it’s not bothering me TOO much at the moment. We’ll see what happens!

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