Hmmm. Think I dodged a vertigo attack

Might be deluded but this morning like many mornings I felt on the verge of a vertigo attack, perhaps a small one.

I was very careful to avoid popping my ear and yawning too much. Or indeed any action that would put pressure on my bad ear (amazing the bad habits you can find yourself doing)

I got up and felt like I’d dodged one. No vertigo.

Later this morning though I felt a pressure build up inside my head and I started to feel quite odd and less comfortable walking.

This lasted a couple of hours and has receded. Again. No vertigo.

Has anyone felt like this, on the edge of an attack but avoided?

Anyone felt MORE comfortable after an attack? As if pressure has been released?

just with the propranalol - when i go too long between tablets…get the odd feeling like im just dodging vertigo…

Keep dodging em! :slight_smile:

Didn’t dodge mine. Came this morning. Not huge though.

Yes, this often happens to me when the atmospheric pressure drops, or like yesterday - just before a storm…but usually eases off without quite developing into vertigo. Definitely something to do with pressure within the ear.