Hope this will help someone

Hello all,

Its been some time since I’ve been here. I just wanted to say I finally found my help. My friend convinced me to go see his NUCCA Dr. They adjust only the c1 in your neck. I have been pretty much 80% dizzy, nausea, and hungover free for over a month now. Read about NUCCA and if you have tried everything else and nothing has worked give it a try. I hope this helps someone else as this illness is hell to live with.

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Can you describe what they do, and how long it will take to see results?
I’m interested since it seems like nothing else works, but am a bit apprehensive about non-traditional treatments.

Sure, The best way is to do a search on NUCCA so you can read much indepth about their work. The c1 vertebrae is right next to the brain stem. Lots of blood vessels are located there and those vessels and nerves are involved in migraine attacks. I read alot about NUCCA getting great results for migraine people. Once I went I saw my xrays and saw for myself. The adjustment is very soft, you lay on your side and the Dr does this light rub under your ear lobe. It does not take alot to line up the c1. They do measurments based on your xrays so its different with everyone. The first 2 weeks I went twice a week. After that once a week for me. If you go in and your adjustment has held the Dr will not adjust you. The whole point is the adjustment holds and your body heals.

I saw many people who see this NUCCA Dr on video tell their before and after stories. I was impressed to say the least. There was a woman who had scoliosis there one day and she had the Dr show me her before and after xrays. Her spine was an S formation before and after 6 months it was almost straight. My friend who has menieres has not had an attack in some years after almost losing his job to it.

 There is a blood pressure study done concerning NUCCA that was shown to lower it. You can read all of the studies online. How long does it take? everyone is different of course. If you seek out a NUCCA make sure you get the best and go with someone with a level 2 training thats what mine is. I saw results the first time, some take longer it depends. My neuro gave the thumbs up on them because of the research he has done. I went to see him some weeks after starting all this.  I will look up the website and post it here for you then you can do some reading on it. I know you won't regret seeing a nucca, just give it a try and see.

Here is the site

Thanks for the information.
I’ve made an appointment for an initial consultation next week with a nucca chiropractor.

I have had scoliosis my whole life, and my shoulder level is unveven, as well as my leg length. I guess I’ve had sublexations my whole life, but only the last 2 years have had so many health problems.

I’ll post any updates as I go through treatment.

Good for you, your back sounds so much like mine. I have more of a C formation in my spine. The neuro Dr said it wasn’t enough to make a differene,. yeah right. I understand tho that they are in a different field and don’t see patients like a nuuca does. But yes it did make a difference. After going a little over a month I have some natural curve back in my neck again. My right arm which had no relfex has some again. I would love to read of your progress. I am at the physical therapy stage of the process to get the muscles strong again,and my other symptoms have been very good since I started and have not dictated when I could go out any longer. Even if you have no pain your neck can cause alot seeing how many nerves and blood vessels go through it.

Thank you for this information I am going to see if i can find a doctor who practices this in my area. It certainly will not hurt to try.

Timeless go to the link and try to get a Dr from there.

One thing I have noticed is I can now drink coffee. Its use to be that this was my worst food trigger. I missed it so in the morning I decided to try it again. I think maybe getting my neck straighten out eliminated one of the worst triggers? I willl be going for about 6 months to the nucca so I am excited to see how much better it gets.

Thanks for posting, Charisse. If anyone else tries this NUCCA-treatment, please let us know whether or not it helps you.

I intend to try it. I don’t expect it to be a cure-all, but like Charisse, I believe it has the potential for being a major trigger for me. I had whiplash four times in my teens and twenties. At a minimum, it may help my neck and upper back problems, so I figure it won’t be a waste. To me, it is worth a try. I’ll keep you posted.

Hey Marci,

How have you been? I’ve lost track of what current meds you’re on. I’ll be interested to hear how you find this treatment – whether it does anything for you or not. Hope you can get the initial outlay covered by insurance at least.

I’m drug-free at the moment as of 5 days ago and today is a really good day after 4 shockers. Valium is in my gun holsters just in case but for the moment I’m going to wing it and see how long I can last.

Take care … Scott :slight_smile:

Hi Scott,

I’m hanging in there. My drug cocktail keeps me functioning well at 90-99% most of the time, but I would prefer not to be so medicated. I am taking 100 mg of Zonegran, 100 mg of Zoloft, and 10 mg of Adderall. The addition of the Adderall has been amazing. 10 mg is a very low dose, but it is just enough to clear up most of the brain fog and give me the energy to get through the day. I don’t know if you remember, but I was diagnosed with narcolepsy in addition to migraine a little over three months ago. The Adderall is officially prescribed for the narcolepsy, but it definitely helps me get through my lingering migraine symptoms too. However, like I said, I would like to try weaning off at least some of the meds, but I can tell the migraine is still always lurking in the background. I feel like the medications are my weapon I use to hold the enemy at bay, but it is still stalking me!

I’m open to trying the NUCCA because I used more traditional chiropractic care for my upper back problems years ago with some success. I do have chronic neck issues, so I figure at the least I could potentially get some relief there. Unfortunately, my insurance does not cover chiropractic treatment, which is why my daughter walking on my back has been my chiropractor for the past 10 years or so. :stuck_out_tongue: Since one of the fully certified NUCCA practitioners is located 2 miles from my house, I decided to check into. I haven’t actually called yet, so we’ll see. As long as the cost isn’t outrageous and I get a professional vibe from the staff, I’ll probably go for it.

Take care,

Marci :slight_smile:

I went for my initial exam and treatment by the NUCCA practitioner today. My neck x-rays do not look good; they’re worse than I remember from my last x-rays many years ago. The effects of the whiplash I experienced are apparent. It is too soon to tell whether this will help my migraine condition, but I have a pretty good feeling overall about the treatment and think it should at least have some positive effects on my spine and neck problems. The adjustments are gentle, but I can definitely feel he made an adjustment. I go back for another treatment on Saturday. I’ll keep you posted.

Was he pricey Marci?


The cost was $200 for a series of about 7 x-rays (including before and after the first adjustment), the inital exam, and the first adjustment. He spent more than two hours with me. He took a lot of measurements and seemed focused on precision. I think he may have given me a price break since I was paying out of pocket because his assistant had quoted me $230 over the phone.

I forgot to mention the one negative of the appointment. He was wearing a shirt with fine yellow and blue horizontal stripes that wreaked havoc with my head! My visual disturbances are the most obvious of my remaining MAV symptoms and I have a difficult time looking at busy patterns, especially if they have contrasting colors like his shirt. When he stood in front of me, staring at the stripes made my head spin! Just another weird MAV experience! :roll:

I actually had my first adjustment today also. I didn’t feel any difference, but will give it some time. The cost for my first visit was about $170, which included the before and after x-rays.

That all sounds like fairly standard chiro care. I coughed up $200 for chiro years ago. They then talked me into going 3X a week for about 10 weeks. Did nothing although it helped with neck pain (which was caused by the meds and diet) and I felt better knowing someone cared that I felt so crappy. All in all no difference except about a thousand bucks poorer.


Yes, the cost and treatment plan are in line with standard chiro treatment, but the actual adjustment is definitely different. We’ll see. My x-rays results are concerning to me. I’ve seen my neck x-rays before, back in my 20s, and my neck appears to be getting worse with age. I could see the degeneration and residual whiplash damage for myself. On a positive note, I slept better than I have in ages last night, but it is too soon to tell if it was just cooincidence.

Okay, I promised to keep you posted on my NUCCA experience. I’m coming to the conclusion it is not a miracle cure for MAV as professed by Charisse’s friend. :wink: Big surprise, huh? I do however believe Charisse when she says it helps her with one of her big triggers, but she has a more realistic view of NUCCA. I compare NUCCA helping Charisse to the way a low-carb diet helps me; It may help some but will certainly not work for everyone, and neither is a cure for migraine.

I’ve had four adjustments and at my last visit he decided not to adjust me. My migraine is no different than before. I have the same symptoms and the same ups and downs based on my trigger load.

I am curious to know if continued treatment is still helping Charisse. I’m still debating on whether to go back for one more treatment or not. I had originally given myself a budget of $400 before I decide one way or the other. I’m at $320.