Does anyone know if it has caffiene?

Yes I’m pretty sure this is caffeine free or if it has got any caffeine in it’s very low. :smiley:

does anyone else know if this drink has any other ingredient that can irritate our over sensitive brain? what about artificial sugar or MSG? or caffeiene in some other form?

Yes … Malt! I cant touch it.


Nabeel like Christine has mentioned there is malted barley in horlicks along with these other ingredients:
Wheat flour, dried whey, sugar, calcium carbonate, vegetable fat, dried skimmed milk, salt, vitamin c, niacin e, pantothenic acid, b6, b2,b1, folic acid, a, biotin, d, b12, ferric pyrophosphate, zinc oxide, may contain traces of soyabeans.

After seeing your request about horlicks, It reminded me that as a child I loved this drink and thought it would be nice to have some. How stupid am I. I rushed out to the shops and bought some and really enjoyed two cups of this delicious drink, followed by another today, without thinking about the hidden MSG, not sure if I can tolerate malted barley or not , if I can’t my brain will react tomorrow, or maybe it will not.

By the way I have been taking Topiramate 25mg for the past month and this has been a miracle pill for my mav.

so hang on, horlicks does have hidden MSG and thats confirmed?

Horlicks has malted barley and malt extract in it and the understanding is that these OFTEN contain MSG or create MSG during processing.


I was fine with it Nabeel x

Yippee…Horlicks and me are getting on fine together. Lol . :smiley:

Malted barley obviously doesn’t bother my brain.

Have you decided to try it Nabeel x

I get along fine with it too. I just hate the fact that it has hidden MSG just like evry other product on the shelf