Hormone imbalance, soy and chronic mav

Does anyone know if hormone changes can cause daily mav symptoms? A few months ago I stopped using soya milk, which I have had on my cereal daily for 15 years as I don’t like cow’s milk. My mav was well controlled and had been for a year. Maybe it is a coincidence but 6-8 weeks after stopping soya my symptoms have been different and awful. It was the only change I had made.

I have been reading up on soya and learning that it is rich in isoflavones, also known as plant oestrogens. These phytooestrogens are often used by women in perimenopause to level out their oestrogen. One study showed a reduction in menstrual migraine with supplementation of soy isoflavones.

Is it possible I have sent my hormones out of whack and this has been an almighty trigger that is more potent than my medications can control?

From my reading it takes a few weeks for the isoflavones to start working, interesting as I had my recent big bang the first day of my period, 8 weeks after stopping soya.

I have just restarted my soya milk to see what happens.