Hormones Update 2

I got my results from all my blood work yesterday and the OBGYN Dr. told me they were “normal”. So, I asked what the numbers where. It turns out my TSH was .65 the normal range is .5-5.0. Meaning I’m about 1/10th above the normal number for my thyroid. So I did a little research. Went to see my GP with my concern and he agrees I have so many symptoms of hyperthyroidism. I have an apt. to see an Endocrinologist in two weeks for more testing. This could definitely be a contributing factor to MAV. I go see Dr. Adkins at Duke tomorrow and I can’t wait to hear what she thinks about this.
Lesson learned: Always ask for your numbers when you get blood results!!!
I am praying this may be my answer as hyperthyroidism causes migraines. I went on a forum for this and found so many other women and men with this same problems with “rocking vertigo”. The endo is going to check my TSH 3 and TSH 4 I believe along with antibodies? Lord I pray this is the answer. I just hope there’s not something terribly wrong with my thyroid and it’s just “off” from having my last baby.

Yes, I always ask for a copy of my lab results now. You should have them send you a copy to bring with you to your endo appointment–although I’m sure they’ll include one with the referral, but you never know! As I’m sure you’re finding, you can’t assume anything with doctors :slight_smile:

Lab numbers always have ranges, and just because you are in the range doesn’t mean you can’t be symptomatic if you are in the low or high end of normal. Glad you got your referral and get get it checked out more thoroughly.

Thank you! I agree sometimes I wonder about Dr.'s…