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Hot or Cold Compress

For any migraine attack, which is effective hot or cold compess to relieve the pain?

Cold. We’re relieving inflammation and shrinking blood vessels.

Though give hot a try. Worst case the pain gets worse and you puke. Sometimes the relaxation of a hot shower helps me. Though mostly it makes me dizzy and nauseous. Hence, cold.

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I feel better after sauna and cooling off in cold water. But to do this everyday is so hard! It makes my dizziness less.

Haven’t I seen cold hats with built in icepacks on the internet? Try Amazon. Sure James @turnitaround can link you in one from Amazon. Might just reduce the brain inflammation and help swell the coffers that keep this site running. Kill the two birds and the one stone and all that as the saying goes! (No birds were injured in the preparation of this post’ Fully paid up member of the RSPB me). Helen

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Cold for me and works every time. I bought one of those beanie style hats with built in ice pack and keep it in freezer.


I have one, too.

Cold water is better, soak your hands in a cold water and flex it to avoid too much tension

Oh yes I tried doing the cold and it helps me alleviate the pain without taking meds yet. I am tryinig toi stay away from medications.