How about that Topamax!

Okay, so I’ve been on 25mg of Topamax for a week and the only thing it’s doing is making me tired. WTF is going on, isn’t this stuff supposed to make you feel better??? lol.

Hi - When I initially began using topamax (back in December 2010) I felt tired and rather sedated as well @ only 15mg. and I was instructed to take it at night for one week. You have to play with these meds as you go and as you raise the dosage as well. The RULE: go low and go slow. For me, the constant ramped up neurological state of migraine dizziness and neurological symptoms were being quashed and it was finally being drugged into submission LOL. A month later I was finally able to increase my dosage and take the medication during the day and at night with much less dizziness, much more energy, and more of my life back. (That is not to say that I have not had my struggles with side effects and other health issues associated with food and dizziness, but topamax has done a very good job in allowing me to participate in 85% of my former life again).
Gail aka miniandelsa

Nice to see you on the board. Glad Top still helping!! What are your side effects? Just curious in case I ever have to travel down that path…

Hi Kelley!
I mostly “lurk” these days… LOL. Side effects have been cold hands and feet (more than the tingling that most people experience even at just 60 to 75 mg per day), some “dopamax” subduing effect, possible GI irritation, and lowered electrolytes (easily remedied with potassium and a ton of salt). My biggest struggles have been with food intolerances, and I’m still working with my allergist/immunologist around all this. Hope you all are well.
Gail :slight_smile:

Hi Gail

To echo Kelley - great to see you back (in a kind of sick twisted MAV way :twisted: ) - hoping you continue to do well and find more improvement! I’ve had one of the worst days in months today… and sunk a sack load of Valium to keep the monster at bay.

Remember - fake it till you make it!!!


I’m not so sure how well I’m actually doing. Getting ready to be tested for celiac and a number of other overlooked things these past 4 years. Apparently dizziness upon eating can be a very common phenomenon in the gastro/autoimmune world and not just a migraine food trigger issue. Sad/funny how a person can be diagnosed, sort of improve but really degenerate in other areas. My immunity has tanked so there’s something very wrong. Keep looking, people, if you do not continue to feel better! Will update later when there are more answers. Hang in there, Forum!

I was exhausted when I first started topamax, and it really helped me sleep well at night the first few weeks. The fatigue eventually settled down. Hang in there!

so I’m on week 2, and I’m having a hard time with my judgement and thinking, among other negative side effects which my family members have noticed and I agreed with them that it is time to discontinue this medication.

I had a hard time with Topamax lasted about about a week, how has the Zoloft helped you?

Rebecca - Yes, the zoloft has helped calm the anxiety symptoms, and I was on Zoloft for three months before I started the topamax, so I know that the weird side effects were not zoloft related. Apparently I was having impulse control issues, minor aggression(short fuse, impatience), eye coordination issues, still getting headaches, and doing things I normally wouldn’t do(drinking coffee, smoking-which all came out of knowwhere when I started topamax). My judgement was seriously impaired at times.

Hi all…I also had a hard time with topamax. Started at 25 mg and became too agressive. At the advice of TeeCee (Tony) on this site I went for a lower and slower dose starting at 12.5 mg. Memory problems not too bad but after awhile my hair starting falling out in clumps. Was told by my neuro this was one side effect that was rare but patients never really saw hair regrowth. Obviously this is very unacceptable!! Stopped the topa immediately. Now just staying on metotoprol, B2, magnesium and COQ10 and xanax when needed.

So many here have good luck with it though I think it’s worth trial. Take care, Karen