How are you dizzy?

another post for today on a different topic.

i’d love to read and share specific descriptions of your experiences with dizziness. I know we all use words like rocking, floating, disequilibrium etc but am curious as to how many of you experience these in a similar pattern to me

so when I am having a dizzy day (like today - and yesterday - and since last week Tuesday this time around) it goes like this

At work:
Sitting in front of the pc (work office or home office) - start typing or searching online - feel a sudden, short definite SHIFT or jerk as if I am going to fall (not pass out) off my chair in one or another direction.
I have this repeatedly for hours - like 3 or 4 times every minute
At the same time I have difficulty focussing my eyes on the words on screen or on my fingers.
I also get a sensation of pressure - like air filling up a balloon in my head - inbetween the falling sensation.
I tend to rock my body or swivel my chair constantly to try counteract the falling sensation.
I am constantly getting up to walk around too - terrible for concentration and producivity

At the mall
The usual suspects of bright fluoro lights, tiled floors and loud trolly noises will often cause me to feel like i am floating above the floor or that the room / store is tilting or moving away from or towards me
Other days - good days - NONE of these triggers affect me at all

At home
Sitting still is the worst. I constantly feel like I have to catch myself from falling - even when eating, talking, watching a DVD. The best I feel is when moving - yoga, walking around

In the car
Like many of you am fine when I drive myself and stopping at intersections usually means an instant dizzy spin.

My main ‘dizzy’ sensation then is short sudden micro-second long help-i-am-falling feelings repeatedly for hours and days on end
Does anyone relate to this type of dizzy?

I like your “shift” description–I get that. Especially when I’m TIRED. Sometimes sitting, sometimes standing.

The “tipsy” thing, I’ve described in another thread. It is like when you’ve had 2-3 beer, and you aren’t drunk but you are right on the edge and you are trying to prove to your friends that you could “pass” a sobriety test (very college sophomoric :wink: ). Anyway, you can do all the stuff, walk in a straight line, touch your nose, walk backward, etc–but it takes sooooo much concentration that you are exhausted when you are done. So, you are off kilter, even if you don’t “look it” from the outside.

Then I have the “car needs an alignment” days–when I feel like I’m pulling to the left. I’m not really dizzy, but I feel like it takes extra work not to walk toward the left all day long–I don’t know why, I can’t explain it–and no one around me notices, but I do.

Once in awhile, very rarely, I’ve actually been sitting in a chair and literally felt like the floor and the ceiling switched places–like I was inside a snow globe and someone tilted me over for a second (SWISH)–then righted me right away. THAT one really got me.