How did it all start for you?

Hi all,

I was close to 40 y/o when my first vertigo attack started out of nowhere. Never experienced vertigo before in my life except maybe when jumping out of bed all too quickly - but that would be gone after a few seconds.

I would be interested to hear how you relate ?

  • How old were you when it first started ?
  • Are you male or female ? (unless your user name gives a clue of course)
  • did it start all of a sudden or did it “walk in” rather slowly ?

Would love to hear from you !!!

Best regards

45, Male. Stupidly pointed shower into ear to clear some wax. Bad idea. Felt some discomfort. 15 minutes later felt dizzy. Next day even worse and started to feel nauseous. Was severely dizzy for 5 weeks. No auditory symptoms. No meds. Felt desperately ill

Then it left as if it never came.

5 months of feeling pretty much normal inc. two trips abroad. No issues with flights. Back to gym 4 times a week. Only fleeting moments of dizziness occasionally especially when stressed and a strange sensation of air bubbling up in ear every morning I get up.

Thought I’d dodged a bullet - then Bam!:

Was in office watching someone’s presentation and felt suddenly lightheaded. 3 weeks later tinnitus started but balance returns. Imbalance off and on for few weeks. Became worse to point where I had sensation of fluid sloshing in middle ear. Migraines start with vertigo attacks, tinnitus worsens, start to get visual hallucinations along with everything else. Vertigo attacks several times a week.

Start meds. Everything but tinnitus improves. Dizziness still very unpredictable and some days are better than others. Hardly any vertigo attacks.

A year later from chronic phase and tinnitus starts to have phases of cessation. Bubbling air sensation has decreased to the point of nearly disapppearing. Balance getting less unpredictable. Have only had one major vertigo attack in 6 months though a few little ones.

Been to see 4 consultants. Read copious studies online.

Conclusion: I injured my ear and got a fistula. This healed but left air and debris in inner ear. Was ok for while until debris and inflammation caused blockage, get BPPV and Hydrops as complication. Still have hope.

Thanks for your insight!