How do doctors prescribe certain medication?

I’m confused why my doctor prescribes medication for my migraines that has sides effects such as dizziness and nausea when those are the biggest symptoms I have from my migraines. I’m trying to fix it, not make it worse. I’m on my second prescription now.


Those side effects usually go away after a few weeks on the drug as your body gets used to it.

People quite often find that their dizziness gets worse initially and then starts to get better.


I wondered that myself…thought it was funny that Effexor causes dizziness but that’s my main problem…lol! :lol:

I think it is funny how everyone gets different meds? Do the docs just choose the drugs by random or is there actually any thought behind it? You get effexor, you get topomax, you get inderal, you get soloft, etc…