How do I make an appointment to see Dr S

Hi all,
Hope this post is allowed. I’ve decided I’m going to spend the cash and going to see Dr Surenthiran. Looking online I don’t seem to find a central website or a number for his secretary … he seems to work in various locations. Does anyone know the best way to make an appointment and what the current locations are? Feel free to PM me if details not allowed on here. Many many thanks!

It will depend whether NHS or private. NHS you need GP referral first. Private you may not, Suggest you PM either @sputnik2 and/or @Amylouise, they’ll know. If you are South East I guess he’s nearest but there are others about. In Central London and there’s the Walton Centre in Liverpool with Dr Silver, and I’m sure others on here can suggest more alternatives again. Helen

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Hi Lucy - I saw Dr S at his London clinic - 32 Devonshire Place, Marylebone and I have an email address for making an appointment via his secretary Lauren Whitcombe:

The telephone number I used was 0845 129 0003 ,but I don’t think that is his London number - after that everything was done via email. The address on the invoice for his consultation fee was Fawkham Manor Hospital, Manor Lane Fawkham, Longfield, Kent. DA3 8ND

Dr S also has a clinic at a BUPA hospital, The Alexandra in Walderslade , Kent - that was where I was going to go but I got an earlier appointment at the London clinic. I needed a GP referral letter for the BUPA hospital, but you might not need one if you go to his private clinic in London.
I am pretty sure he also has a Blackheath clinic - no wonder he is difficult to get hold of via the NHS!

I hope this helps - as @Onandon03 has said there may be other alternatives too! Jan x

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These are the locations for the BMI and Spire clinics (The Tunbridge Wells one is just once a month). You contact the place you want. There is a phone number for a “private secretary” below the email enquiry form on the Spire link if you want to speak to someone. They can take your booking but work for Spire.

Lauren (number given by Jan b above) above seems to be his real private secretary. He seems to have several secretaries for various places and tasks. I never knew about the Marylebone clinic (could have gone there) - nice to know for the future, thanks Jan b.


Thank you all, really useful info !

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Yep this is fine if you are just requesting publicly available information.

My only issue with discussing specific doctors is when we get into OTT recommendations as some of these might be shilling (though this is highly unlikely with regulars of course)

One more point though: the MAV protocol is pretty well established so any major City with a teaching hospital may likely have a oto-neurology department that can provide good treatment.

For private in London also consider the Balance Centre on Grafton Way:

For NHS also consider the Royal Ear Nose and Throat

Thank you James.

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Interestingly it was cheaper to see Dr S at his Marylebone practice than it was going to be at the Alexandra BUPA hospital. Mind you I spent the difference on the train fares up to London!

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Thank you all, appointment made!