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How do you all respond to salt?

Hi, sorry to be posting so much! I’m in the midst of getting very specific about what I put in my body and how it is affecting my ongoing vertigo issues. I seem to have a mild reaction to salt but I can’t be sure. Do others get more vertigo or any symptoms from salt intake? Do you try and limit it at all? Thanks!!! This site is saving my life.

I did to begin with because I was convinced my condition was more than a migraine. I still think that but haven’t found much of a link. Increased tinnitus seems to happen after eating sometimes. But can also happen after sleep. I really don’t know at all.

I don’t add salt to anything and I make everything myself but I occasionally have some ready salted crisps (which I don’t make!) and I have no problems with the salt in those. I think I probably want the crisps because I need the salt because they always perk me up.

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I stopped adding salt to food -even in cooking many, many years ago, and we eat VERY little that is’nt made from scratch at home. That was ll I was told to cut out for Meneire’s back then…no idea if it actually helped or not! However, this Summer has been very weird with incredibly hot days - and have found myself craving a few chips (crisps) on occasions. As Margaret says, I have also concluded that my body is wanting to replace essential salt lost in sweating.
My mantra remains - eat (almost) everything in moderation!

Well I really am kicking myself this morning because of a mini-relapse. I was 98% at 11.15pm last night and after an excellent night’s sleep, when I went for a bathroom trip at 6.30pm but the next time I tried to sit up in bed an hour later I had my first full internal vertigo attack in over a year responsibility for which I am laying firmly at the door of eating vegetables last evening which had been cooked with other ingredients in a well-known brand of condensed milk. One can of this soup contains more than a whole day’s RDI of salt and I must have had a third of a can. Stupidly I prepared the dish for others not intending to have any myself at all and then mindlessly heaped it onto my own plate too and ate it.

I never normally eat canned soups. I make all my own and I never have, even pre-MAV, added salt in cooking. I rarely use any processed foods, canned meats or fish. Since chronic MAV I’ve noticed I am extremely salt sensitive and also nitrate sensitive. I avoid all hams and bacons. I avoid MSG like the plague and strongly suspect food triggers, in the form of gravy powder etc used in restaurants, had a not insignificant influence in my vertigo attacks nearly always starting after Eating Out. I really cannot understand how I took my eye off the ball last evening but I am paying for it currently. I’ve even got mild tinnitus in both ears and trouble looking down all due to a bit of veg in a mushroom sauce!

While I was going through years of diagnosis/misdiagnosis, I was advised to go on a low sodium diet. It didn’t reduce my primary symptoms, but I did notice a reduction in the intensity of my tinnitus. When I was finally diagnosed with VM, my doc said the diet wasn’t necessary. Regardless, I’ve chosen to maintain a reduced sodium diet, although less strict than I was initially. It took a long time but I gradually adapted to it, and I believe my overall health is better for it.

Same here. When I was going through my first round of testing (22 years ago), I had read that a low-sodium diet helped Meniere’s patients and asked the doctor if it might help me. He didn’t think so but said it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. I started reading labels, cooking more from scratch, etc. It didn’t help me as far as my dizzy episodes, but I got used to it and have continued to watch my salt intake ever since. Now things like restaurant food taste WAY too salty. It’s amazing how much salt is put into all processed and prepared foods.


I blamed a canned soup last week for nasty head pressure. In my case I think the soup may have had MSG or some other crap, salt doesn’t seem to bother me much. Its funny how quickly you can go ANTI-________ with a nasty relapse like that. I have a few more soup cans in my cupboard and each time I look at them I cringe…


Horrible. I have been having cravings for potato chips and have been eating bags of them. This could have been one of the many things that contributed to my recent relapse…head pressure, dizziness, nausea, etc. Went totally off my diet eating chocolate, Chinese food, wine, and many other foods on the no no lis too. . I was doing well avoiding all those foods. Will I ever learn. Sigh.


I do ok with salt unless I really go overboard with it. But all other spices/seasonings at all throw me into a dizzy spell. I also cant do chips or anything from a bag no matter how few ingredients. I think its from whatever they may preserve it with.

I try to avoid added salt. Things like soy and teriyaki sauce really do a number on me, so I avoid that as best as I could. If I do have a little more salt than usual say from a bag of chips or something, I increase my water intake.