How do you deal with anxiety about symptoms returning

Hi All,

I am posting because I am curious about those who have improved and/or have gotten much better- I was wondering how many of you have a lot of anxiety about the potential for your symptoms to return? If so, how do you guys deal with it? I am almost afraid to find a med that works, I will start doing more again, and then have it stop working one day, if that makes sense? Thanks All!


Sarah, it makes a lot of sense to me! Beause it took a year after MAV hit & endless visits to docs who had no idea why I was so dizzy my anxiety was ramped up so much that I had a huge panic attack & TGA (transient global amnesia). So, even tho my meds are really helping & I no longer get so anxious when I have mini spins & can’t walk straight,I do still have that ‘gnawing’ feeling sometimes that the meds might stop working & I’ll be plunged back into MAV hell! Now, 2 years later, the huge difference is that (a) I know what is causing the migraines & vertigo, (b) know there are many meds to try and (c) this forum is here to help.
So, hey, no one knows what life is going to throw at them and I’m thankful for each day as it comes & appreciate the fact that I can enjoy so many things which may have ‘passed me by’ when I was too busy to 'smell the roses".

Thank you for your reply Barb I really appreciate it!!!

Magnesium, magnesium, magnesium.

It has been a life saver for me. Although I continue to take 80 mg of Verapamil every day, I’m convinced that the enormous improvement I’ve had since May is thanks to taking 250 mg of magnesium twice a day. I’ve had some dips into mild symptoms (dull pain in my left ear and behind my left eye; that “searing” sensation in my head; etc.), but nothing very significant. So my answer is that I don’t worry. I take my medication, my supplements (especially magnesium) and avoid too much of any trigger food. The difference between now and last year is night and day.

Thank you for your reply! Does the magnesium help with your dizzy symptoms or your anxiety, or both?

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Thank you for your reply! Does the magnesium help with your dizzy symptoms or your anxiety, or both?

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After I started magnesium supplements last May, I had significant improvement in my migraine symptoms.

that’s really interesting- I think it is also good for anxiety too?