How do you manage


I was wondering how people cope with the pain? I have been in agony for a week now and nothing seems to be helping. I’m not sure how I’m managing to sleep but by the end of the day I’m so exhausted I think I’m just passing out (very dramatic). I’ve been trying to carry on as normal, going to work etc, but I can feel myself struggling more and more and I’m not sure what to do. I’ve been trying to get the doctors to increase my propanolol but I had to do 7 days of blood pressure readings and now have to do 3 days of pulse readings. It seems to be never ending and all I want is to feel better. Any ideas would be really appreciated.

Hi Tori

I’m sorry you’re feeling bad lately. What’s your dose of propranolol currently?

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Hiya, I’m currently on 120mg at the moment. Not sure what they want to increase it to though.

Ah ok I see, is there room for increasing where you are? I read here in the UK it can be increased to 240mg if needed. I’m pretty sure it would lower your blood pressure at that dosage though?

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This is why I’m having to do the blood pressure and pulse readings. Yes I read it can be increased to that too, I’m hoping it doesn’t get that far though :grimacing:. If that doesn’t do anything then I’ll probably have to look at something else. I have TMJ also and that’s been hurting so I think the combination of the 2 is causing me all sorts of problems. I’d just like it fixed.