How does everyone get the stress out?

Posting here to poll everyone on their favorite ways to relieve stress.

I think I’ve always kept up with the queue of stressors in my life, being careful to self reflect on any big things that shook me up a bit. However, the older I get the more likely I am to smile and move on or shove things down that weigh on me (because all that introspection takes time). I’ve been going to this somatic experiencing (SE 101 - Somatic Experiencing® International ) therapist who has a specific focus on how the nervous system responds to internal stress (fitting for VM right?). It’s opened my eyes to the ways I might have pent up emotions that I’m unaware of, and how these can hype up my nervous system unfavorably (migraine).

I know we’re a group who’s had to learn to accept things we can’t control. I’m wondering how you all like to release all that tension??

My favourites:

  • change your job
  • regular walks in nature.

Wholeheartedly agree with the walks - if there’s sea nearby, all the better! Yoga also helps me greatly.


Going for walks helps me a lot, too. I also let myself move more slowly, do one thing at a time, tamp down the inner planner who wants to intellectually multi-task 24/7, be as embodied as possible. Something about slowing down (meaning the actual pace at which I’m doing something) relieves the depersonalization somewhat. The whole “feel the space you occupy” thing in meditation has some merit😊, even when that space is moving


I love the “feel the space you occupy” idea. Lately when I feel the depersonalization really strong, I tell myself I’m not going anywhere that I’m committed to my body no matter what it feels like. Sounds cheesy but it helps ground me a little

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Gardening, walking, swimming, yoga , Pilates , reading. I find that gardening and swimming are particularly therapeutic.