How effective is MAV prophylaxis REALLY?

We all tend to have a distorted view of the success of MAV treatment because most of the people here have more complicated cases, hence why they are here. When i read medical journals it seems there is a GOOD chance someone will achieve good control of MAV within the first or second medication they try. Has anyone talked to any experts about whether this is realistic?

Yes, most people respond pretty well - we just tend not to meet them on this board.

I did very well on Prothiaden (although it was a slow and gradual success) a couple of years ago. This time I don’t seem to be doing so well but it’s still relatively early days (about 5 weeks).


I responded well to the second med I tried.

But I agree with Vic. You get a distorted view of things on a forum like this, as the nature of it is such that the more complicated and difficult-to-treat cases tend to be on here.

Hey Vic,

You were in perfect shape about this time last year I recall – or at least until you stopped taking the Pro. I’m sure you’ll reclaim that again but like you said, 5 weeks is still early days.

Darren – I respond very well to low dose Paxil, Valium when needed and a migraine lifestyle. If I dropped the latter, the drugs would be useless.


Thanks for the responses. I am SCARED TO DEATH because there is a chance I might have MAV afterall… My Otologist was VERY confident that I did NOT have MAV, but Im still worried. This week, I had a mild headache above my eyes for a few days, it would go away if I would stop moving my eyes. But for a few hours, the pain got moderate intensity when I would walk try to move my eyes. Does this sound migraine related?

I had surgery last week for a suspected Perilymph Fistula (PLF) and it made my dizziness MUCH WORSE. I know of a few PLF patients who felt worse after surgery for a few months, then made a recovery. So this isnt unusual, but I thought it would be quicker…

I tried 12.5mg Effexor a few months ago, but reacted pretty violently with nausea the first day.

I tried 80mg Propranolol for 5 weeks and it did absolutely nothing, but I quit it cold turkey, and I started feeling a rocking sensation around that time. But I was also doing a lot of Valsalva and Tragal compression tests at that time, and those also give me rocking. So I dont know whether Propranolol or the fistula tests gave me rocking.

If I dont recover from PLF surgery, I am planning on trying Nortriptyline next.