How long do your triggers take to make an impact?

I’m curious how after eating (or experiencing) a trigger do people feel the reaction? What’s the trigger and what’s the reaction time?

That is really easy for me to answer for once because the reaction is immediate. If I drink a cup of tea for example I get half way through the cup, feel sick and can’t finish it. If I eat any nuts other than almonds I feel sick after only a couple. If I over exert myself I feel sick and dizzy the moment I stop. So I can very easily find out what my triggers are. I appreciate not everyone is the same so it will be interesting to read other people’s posts. Also if I read more than a couple of pages I feel sick. Anything that requires hand/eye co-ordination makes me feel sick and dizzy, ie knitting, sewing, crochet etc. I used to dance, ballet and ballroom, both make me feel sick and dizzy and sometimes faint, very embarrassing so gave them up. Turning my head is an immediate trigger as is looking up. I could go on and on but don’t want to bore you all to death!.

I used to wake up with vestibular attacks so can’t comment on what triggered those exactly (but suspect ear issue/movement/position).

I used to do VRT and reliably had a migraine/vestibular attack about two or three hours later. Tended to be once I had started the advanced exercises but can’t be sure.

Computer use and watching TV would bring it on when condition was at its peak, this was a brain rumble almost immediately and I generally didn’t stick around to get the rest.

Not had a single migraine since going on amitriptyline.

However I have had bad vestibular attacks since. These are not migraines but accompanied with a migraine when not on the drug usually. No obvious trigger to these. Last really bad one was December with a couple of much smaller ones since. (you know I put these down to bubbles in the inner ear fluid, personal theory)

Usually within 15 minutes if something has msg or if I’m close to my threshold.