How long for propranolol to work?

For those of you who have found propranolol to be effective: How long did it take before you noticed improvement? I started taking Inderal retard 80 mg at the end of october, and upped the dosage to 160 mg about three weeks ago. My neurologist told me the effective dosage is 160-240 mg, and that it may take 2-8 weeks at this dosage to see results, but what are your experiences? (The last few days have not been very good, so hoping to hear that Inderal may take some time to work …)

And one more thing: Do you know if there are any interactions between magnesium and propranolol, or is it ok to take them together?

HI Annette,

I’m on a different beta blocker (metoprolol/lopressor) and I think it took easily 8 weeks before I could really say I was feeling consistently better. I alkso take magnexium and B2 every day with no issues and my doc had no issues with that either. But of course propranolol is a different drug

I was told BP meds can take up to 3 months to work well.
Annette, I dont see any probs with Magnesium , I take it too.
I always say , if in doubt double check with your local Chemist , their always up to date with med and interactions.


Thanks for the replies. Good to hear that the beta-blocker took some time to work for you, Gabrielle. Hopefully that will be the case for me too :slight_smile:

My daughter (12) has been on 20mg Propanalol twice a day for 8-9 weeks with no improvement. Not sure if its supposed to take this long or if I need to take her off it?

I wouldn’t take her off it without speaking to her doctor. Most migraine preventatives can take up to 4 months to become effective. Personally I think Propranolol could take longer than most. She’s just about reaching a suitable length of time to maybe start seeing some improvement shortly. Speak to her doctor about whether it’s possible to increase her dose. For control she needs a sufficiently high enough dose over a sustained period. Unfortunately preventatives aren’t a ‘quick fix’. For MAV there is no quick fix. Might be well worth you reading up on the other control measures adults generally follow under the Welcome/Wiki section on this forum. There is a need to try to establish and reduce/avoid triggers and to look at lifestyle changes, such as regular sleep patterns etc. All this might help your daughter.