How long has anyone been off work for MAV?

I’m going into week number 4 now on disability from my job due to the MAV - feels like almost four months. I’m going crazy! While the MAV is getting better, I’m having sleeping issues now which is still causing daily migraine. Going to see doctor today to look at alternate courses of treatment. I was just wondering if anyone has ever been off as long as I have and how you managed both physically and mentally - I’m starting to get really down about it all and keep wondering if my life will EVER get back to normal…

My son (15 years old) missed three months of school for MAV. The hardest part for him was in December, when he was doing lots better, then discovered that (a) sugar free chewing gum contains aspartame, and (b) aspartame is one of his triggers. He felt as bad, for a couple of days, as he had felt back at the beginning. And he thought it was going to be many weeks or months before he got to feeling better again.

Fortunately, the relapse (if that’s the right word) was only a couple of days.


Longest continuous stretches off work were three weeks one time, four weeks another. Should have/needed to stay off longer but my employer views the taking of sick leave as shonky malingering and/or a sign of weakness. The pressure to return is strong.


I have been off from work for 13 months. I wake up MAV and it just progress thoughout the day, by evening time I walk as if i had way too much to drink. I have been on several types of meds and have done the rehab but nothing seems to help…

I’m in the same boat as Tom except add a few more months. I struggled with this for over 9 years walking into work only being able to answer the typical greeting of, “how’s your day?” with “I made it to work,” or, “I haven’t left yet,” everyday for the last few years.

3 very long years

Had I not been laid off when I was just two months into maternity leave, I likely would have had to quit my job for about 10 months. Of course now I’m working part time again and most days it is a struggle. I wish I would have never come off of that darn Celexa and listened to the doctors who first said this was migraine! Oh well. woulda, shoulda, coulda, huh?! :slight_smile:

I was off a total of 13 months - first three maternity leave, then the rest too sick. The good news is that since I went back full time (and my job is FULL time) I’ve only missed a few hours from MAV and had to get a ride home twice after a vertigo spell (medication change was #1 and bad weather was #2). Fort those who are still home: Keep fighting and keep trying different meds. I remember feeling like a boxer in the 100th round at the end of each day.
My magic combo lately is 50 mg amitriptyline, 5-10 mg Librium (depending on weather), 75 mg Effexor. Things don’t bounce when I walk now! I also watch what I eat, get neck/shoulder massages, regular sleep, etc. Oh yeah, and Ambien as needed to ensure the regular sleep.

2 years for me. Most of that is due to the fact that I work in an environment where it is dangerous for me to be dizzy and my workplace is brightly lit, noisy and things are moving all the time. It’s a triggermageddon… :lol:

4 months and counting… but my aim is to be back at work by May!!! That’s the goal!


My work had me go on leave in May of this year I tried pushing through it and that’s when I realized how bad I actually was, it kind of came as a shock I’m 31 years old with 3 kids I knew I was suffering but never thought my work would make me leave I’m to young for that.