How long should a med trial be?

I’ve been on Nort for two months now, started at 10mg and worked my way up to 40mg. The rocking seems a bit down but the terrible daily headaches and neck pain persist. I was wondering how long I should keep trialing this med because I’ve read many posts that say it may take a while to kick in. My Neuro said he will switch to a beta blocker if this one doesn’t work.

Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve,
This is certainly a difficult question to answer without a little more information. I am certainly sorry to hear that the med has not helped your headaches or neck pain but I am excited that you mentioned it did help your rocking somewhat. Can you tell us a bit more about how bad your rocking was and how much it has helped? You are also still at a pretty low dose relatively and certainly have room to titrate up on the nort so if you are seeing positive effects at 40 mg and tolerating it I would keep going. Plus, if this one med is taking care of one symptom, maybe adding another med to help with the headaches might be a better way to go than just dropping nort. Tell us more about where you are at with your MAV symptoms… rocking, dizziness, etc, and how the nort has affected you so we can get a better picture. The fact that it has touched this one symptom so far sounds promising to me.

All the best,

Hi Lisa, thanks for posting.

As far as my current MAV symptoms it’s a little hard to explain. It seems like it keeps changing every few months. When this all started three years ago it was spontaneous vertigo attacks that would drop me to the floor. I told my ENT about it and after all the tests he said it was probably a virus and that it would go away. The violent vertigo attacks then turned into a daily " unsteadiness " or rocking sensation. I tried VRT which helped for about a week and then another violent vertigo attack started me over at my base line unsteadiness. Then the daily headaches started. I always had headaches and was told it was from my neck but I could live with a headache every now and then. Now for the past year and a half my headache has not gone away, ever. It has taken over the rocking sensation which I think I have brought down a bit through trigger avoidance. I’m pretty sure MSG and all of it’s forms brings on the rocking. I felt it last night after I left my Mom’s house for dinner. Nort is my first med trial other than Serc which is what I took before I got diagnosed with MAV. The problem is the rocking now has turned into a twitching or shaking sensation so I don’t know if it is the Nort or just MAV doing it’s thing. Also the headaches seem more intense so I think I’m going to try to get off the med for a bit and see what happens. Anyways sorry for rambling but it is so rare to talk to someone about this without worrying if their going to think I’m crazy.

Thanks for the support,