How long to do migraine-diet?

I wonder how long people did the elimination-diet before starting to introduce back possible triggers? The thing is, I don’t have headaches anymore; none, nada, squat. I haven’t had them for months, altough my symptoms got worse around xmas (they are better again but still not back to “baseline” dizziness). Now I’ve done the migraine-diet for almost a month, and I am starting to get seriously bored with it :stuck_out_tongue:

so my questions are: a) how long did you do the elimination-part, and b) has anyone hereactually had any success with this diet IF they did NOT have headaches?

I don’t think I’m the only one here who goes back and forth between being 100% sure it’s mav, and then sometimes not so sure…

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I also go back and forth from I definitely have MAV to maybe I don’t, though my latest doctor is quite sure my problem is MAV.

Do you have a link to the elimination diet? I would like to try it. I’ve seen it before and I know what you mean about it being boring. But I’m at the point I will try anything!!! I’ve always felt my problem was food related but I have never been able to find anything to prove this.

Ithink I remember reading that you need to be on it 4 weeks before introducing old foods back into your life. Have you noticed any changes since being on the diet?

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so my questions are: a) how long did you do the elimination-part, and b) has anyone hereactually had any success with this diet IF they did NOT have headaches?

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I’m going to do my best to take a stab at answering your questions!
I followed the elimination diet to a T for about three months. In that time I did find a medication that eased my symptoms, however they are no where near gone. In the past two months I have been more lax with my diet and I have REALLY noticed a difference. So for me, I couldn’t tell it was making a difference until I tried to “go off it”

I do have occasional headaches, but find that the only food triggers I have specific to my headaches are processed cookies etc. All my other triggers effect the amount of dizziness I experience.

Hope the info is helpful! I did my best : )


I did the migraine diet for 4 months (as recommended by the Heal Your Headache book) Unfortunately it didn’t seem to really help me. I have stayed off cafeine though (for about 9 months now). I rarely have headaches…just head pressure, dizziness and nausea.

I went through the elimination process twice. First it was no salt for a meniere’s diagnoses, and I followed that to a T for about three months, during that time I found a lot of triggers because I didn’t remove a good chunk of the migraine no-no’s. My entire family found the low salt food to taste better, so we stayed with that. Then I was diagnosed with MAV and and the elimantion part was easy since I had already removed most of the immediate trigger food from my diet. Going on the migraine diet, I was strict again for a few months before I started to add things back in. Through the two diets, I was able to find my triggers, the things that slowly make things worse, and the foods I could cheat with on ocasion. I now have it down to where I trigger myself from food about once or twice a year, and it is always at some family or social gathering where somebody has cooked something that I normally can eat, but used a boxed or canned product, as an ingrediant, that I can’t eat, and I am curled up in a ball in the corner.

ok thanks a lot everyone! I’m a bit confused on what to go after before adding new stuff. I mean if I have done the migraine-diet for say 1 month and don’t feel any different than before I started; is that enough to tell that I probably don’t have foodtriggers? Or do I need 3 months to be sure?

I didn’t really go through with the diet this time, and so i’ll give it another go in a few weeks and really stick by it (I stuck too hard by it last time though, only ate rice chicken and eggs with milk for 3 weeks… Kinda boring! :wink: ). Still not sure where to throw in the towel if I don’t notice improvement.

Then again it’s hard to tell, because symptoms fluctuate and I don’t have that many headaches; I got pressure and dizziness and the rest of the stuff we all have, but rarely headaches these days.

Also, is minced meat (without additives) ok? There’s nothing mentioned in the list in heal your headaches, but I thought any kind of beef was nono.