How long to recover from episode?

How long does it typically take to feel back to normal following a vertigo episode?



I’m afraid this is a bit of a - how long is a piece of string - situation. Everyone is different, some people on here have symptoms for months or years 24/7, others get episodes which last a day or a few days and then go. If you are someone who has episodes then probably the best indicator is how long they usually last and how long it usually takes to get over them.

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Thank you Hannah.

My vertigo typically (?!) lasts from 3-5 days. After the dizzy is over I feel very weak, wobbly, tired. The worst is that each episode knocks the confidence out of me and that seems to take the longest to recover. I am always scared when I wake up or get up from a chair or turn my head too fast that it will be the start of another episode.

What do others do to hurry up the process of feeling better?


do you take anything for these episodses/ Before mine hit 24/7, years ago I had 2 different vertigo episodes. I was fortunate enough that my live in boyfriend at the time was a doctor who told me I had vertigo, and promptly went out and got me some phenergen, It fixed it within hours, although I stayed in bed most of the day due to the fatigue from the medicine.
When the 24/7 stuff started, it was nothing like that. It was a slow onset, and then just stuck…but not vertigo, but i still call it “dizzy”…doctors get annoyed with the term because it’s so vague.
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On the spot migraine meds don’t generally work well for the vertigo side of migraine. Although as Rockysmum says, it may be that the drugs designed for motion sickness, or dizziness such as phenegran or serc (betahistine) might help. Other people have a lot of success quelling dizzy symptoms with benzodiazepines such as valium at small doses. These are addictive, so you have to go easy, but as you only have attacks intermittently, that shouldn’t be a problem, it’s over use that causes problems. As it happens they have never worked for me but for others it helps them get the dizziness under control enough to attend work.


I had episodes of vertigo, starting about 7 years ago. BUT, mine sound different than some here on the forum. I would get hit BAM out of the blue with a hard spin, so hard and violent that I would go straight to the floor and feel like I needed to hold on to a table or something or else I would zoom across the room. It lasted only about 4-5 minutes, then slowly subside and I would get sick and vomit, everytime. I would go to bed and it took a few hours in bed sleeping go recover, but I did recover and went on with the day but felt weak. One day, 2 months ago, I had a very extreme vertigo that hit me just as described above, and since then I did not recover, but have just been dizzy since. No vertigo since then and also, strangely, no migraine headache at all since then either. Just spinning, constant, weak and tired ( on 180 verapamil) and taking xanax when I have dizzy surges that scare me, but they never turn into the hard, violent vertigo. So very strange. Tried effexor last week. never will go near that again. Seeing Dr. Hain in March in Chicago