How many meds did you have to try before having success?

Hi All,

I was curious- for those of you who have had success with medication- how many did you have to try before you found success with one? I have tried countless ones, but I have given 5 fair trials, and I partially responded to 2 of them. My Dr. said he is “very pessimistic” about any more working for me…he prescribed me atenolol next to try…but I get the sense that if this one doesn’t work for me, he is going to give up on me??? Am I wrong, or are there a lot more to try???

Also just because one doesn’t work in a certain category doesn’t mean a different one won’t, right? Lyrica helped me (though not for long), whereas gabapentin made me worse- so wouldn’t it be worth going through the others in the other categories too? Can you guys please give me feedback on this? My Dr. really made me feel pretty shitty about my odds here…