How many of us got sick shortly after the birth of a child?

I’ve spoken to so many of you that got sick very shortly after the birth of a child. I am just curious how many of us are in the same boat. I’d also like to know if you had a spinal. Please tell me your stories if this applies to you.
Thanks! Elisha

I got this crap exactly two months after the birth of my second son. I had an unmedicated birth though, so no spinal or any other kind of medical intervention. I have a history of migraine and I’m now finding great relief from 100 mg Topamax and 7-10 mg Lexapro daily.

I did not get ill after the birth of a child, but have had two children while ill, and have gotten even sicker when pregnant and even sicker after delivery. I have no doubt that there is a major hormonal role in all this, as I became ill when on birth control pills many years ago. Although I strongly believe that hormones have a major role in this, this knowledge hasn’t helped me, as I do not know what the answer is. I will be trying a new med soon. I have had epidurals during both deliveries, but this doesn’t so much apply to me as I was very ill prior to delivery, although I got sicker yet after my chilldren were born. I would guess that’s because of the major hormonal change after birth. It is so awful to have this at any age, but I am so sorry that others are dealing with this while raising young children. When I first became ill (I was 30 then) I was so shocked that there were a multitude of women in my age group with this illness.

This sure applies to me. I get super sick when I’m pregnant. With baby #1 I had an epidural and was so dizzy after my c section for about 2 days. After baby #2 which was a little over a year ago i had a spinal block and woke up really dizzy after survey attributing it to the no eating before surgery thing and pain meds and with time, felt better. Then 2 days later, i woke up with the WORST true vertigo in the world and nobody could help me. The er dr, a nuerologist and my obgyn all came and couldn’t figure me out. It was a nightmare. For sure hormones are related and was wondering if I had a spinal leak but the dr said i would have that horrible headache. It’s still a mystery and am still rocky 24/7 since that fateful day. Never would have imagined I’d still be like this for this long.

I would love to have another child and have always wanted a big family but not sure if I can stand the thought of going through all that all over again.

Yep. Big dizzy/nausea attack 3-4 months after birth of first child. Had no idea what it was. (No headache.)

Three years later second child born–no big dizzy attacks immediately following, but in the following three years I had a couple of smaller dizzy attacks and after that a gradual increase in motion sensitivity/low-level dizziness.

At perimenopause, dizziness got noticeably worse and ocular migraines started.

Methinks we ladies all sing in HORmony on this topic! :slight_smile:

(Sorry… bad pun.)


I’m so sorry others are dealing with this while raising children :(.

I wish there was some way to regulate the hormones that set all this off!!! It’s obviously why all of have MAV. I too had episodes of BPPV several times after the birth of my first son but nothing like what I have now, since my 2nd was born. And yes, I too was as sick as a dog when I was pregnant!
If all else fails I may consider Hormone Replacement Therapy???
Any takes on that? I’m 32.

Mine started soon after starting the birth control pill. Felt better when I finally went off the pill to get pregnant. Felt quite well during pregnancy (probably the best I have since my MAV first started), then had a MAV crash about 6 weeks postpartum (I had no epidural or other pain meds, but was induced). Feeling ok now…not as good as while pregnant, but not nearly as bad as when I was on the pill. Still nursing right now, and I’m a little nervous to see how I’ll be once he weans. I also have PCOS, and did have Graves Disease (hyperthyroid) which may factor into the whole hormonal thing. So yeah, hormones are a problem for me!

I also got sick 2 months after the birth of my 3rd baby, I had spinals with all 3 of my children because I had 3 c-sections, I never had a problem with dizziness after any of my other children but I do have a history of headaches/ migraines. I am on 3 preventative medications right now (Depakote, Verapamil, and Celexa) and I’m pretty much free of the dizzies except on my period or if I didn’t sleep enough. I just turned 27 when I got this.

I got this when I started the progesterone birth control pill. I remember suggesting to my gp that this had caused my dizziness and she went off on me saying she prescribes the drug all the time and nobody else gets dizzy. She told me I had labyrinthitis.
I haven’t had children because of this illness and scared it will make me feel so much worse. I was told postpartum wud b the worst time cos of the hormone crash and I have been told not to become pregnant while on prothiaden or amitriptine :frowning:

Does anyone think the hormones will just sort of calm down? Regulate themselves out?

Rebecca- My next step is after the Lumbar Puncture is to add Depakote to the Verpamil. I love to hear it when someone is having so much relief!

Elisha-Depakote was the first medicine that helped me, than I added verapamil and it helped even more, but getting on Celexa in addition to those really did the trick. Is verapamil helping you at all?

Yes, verap. has helped but more with the headaches than the vertigo. I was on Cymbalta also but got off bc I didn’t think it was making any difference. It turns out now I think it was, as I feel worse since being off it. So, my next new drug cocktail according to my Neuro if lumbar puncture is ok will be as follows: Depakote, verap and Cymbalta.
Are you med sensitive? How was it getting on the Dep?

I had a attack lasting 6 weeks when my sekund child was 7 month. But it went over, and everything was good. Until my third child was 14 month. Then hell broke lose. Actually I have been eather pregnant or breastfeeding for 5 years strayed up to the big melt down in november 2010. And then came the big crash, and now i’m here. I had one epudoral birth, one with nothing and one code blue “where you cut out the baby” (dont know what its called).

I feel horrible for you guys! Its bad enough being 35 and have this crap. My children are ages 4 and 7. Never had the dizziness til this year, but I have always had migraine with aura since high school. I can tell you though, that I did not get any migraines through one of my entire pregnancies, and for a full year after while I nursed. 2nd pregnancy I had migraines the entire time, but again they went away when I nursed. Hmmmm…maybe I should just start nursing again, and all my problems will go away…lol.

Yes, I got sick after watching my wife give birth…sorry, I couldn’t resist and God knows we all need a little humor…good luck ladies, hope this made you smile!
jaybird( father of triplets)

I think seeing triplets arrive on the scene would give me a panic attack as well! :lol:

Indeed, the best day of my life, they are 20 now and I jokingly tell them they could be the reasons for my headache and anxiety.

Me! I was 4 months post baby. This is my third.child and i never had this before.

Hi, I am new to this forum but already feel better knowing that I am not alone. One month after having my first son I started getting lightheaded, drunk feeling etc. full feeling in my head and ears, could not function in stores and felt as if I could not focus going down the aisles, so sensitive to certain types of lighting etc. After seeing what feels like 100 MDs I finally saw an ENT after doing hours of research on the internet and was diagnosed with MAV. My son is 3 years old now and I still take Klonopin for the MAV.