How Many of us have taken numerous Antibiotics - aminoglycos

How many of us have taken antibiotics, in particular aminoglycosides (those ending in mycin or micin) frequently or intravenously? These antibiotices would typically be administered to us for ear infections, swimmers ear, pneumonia, broncitis or other respitory problems, cystic fibrosis, and after kidney or other hospitalization. They would include names like gentamicin, neomycin, tobramycin, streptomycin, amikacin, kanamycin, netilimicin and so on.

The reason why we are asking is because these are known to cause dizziness and damage the vestibular system in a portion of the population who takes it, if taken over a long period of time or if taken through IV. Not everyone is damaged by these drugs, but for those of us who are it is very devastating and many of the symptoms are quite similar to those I have been reading on this forum. To put many minds at ease, oscillopsia is one prominent symptom of the damage that is evident from these drugs and that is pronounced visual changes, so if you do not have that,it is very likely that you have not been damaged.

What we are curious about is , if there is any connection between just a small amount and migraines alone or dizziness in itself and if we should all be aware of the need to beware of avoiding these drugs in the future. I know I will never take them again, but I did not have migraines as a child, I have NO family history of them and mine did not start until I was given many, many doses of these in three different brands of the above for chronic swimmers ear and chronic sinus problem, as an adult over the years. Then the vertigo started. The progression from migraines, to migraines with aura (visual puzzle pieces), to migraines and vertigo rose with the amount of meds I was given over the years, until I was permanently damaged by ototoxicity.

SO, has anyone who is dizzy and has migraines taken these antibiotics through the years?

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This is what oscillopsia looks like, I guess :E

Just for the record, I haven’t taken any antibiotic at all, in a LONG time. I guess I have at some point, but that was probably before I was 6 in that case, and my issues started waaaaaay after that.

I figured the thread would be less useful if only people who have taken them replied, so… :slight_smile:

Very, very few antibiotics here and those I have taken are the run of the mill type such as penicillin, eyrthromyacin (sp??)

Good thinking (as usual), Tran,

Likewise, I’m allergic to any antibiotic I ever took, so i had to quit taking them at a very early age, maybe age 5. my migraines started probably 15 years after that and my MAV started another 30 years after the migraines started.


I learned about the dangers of mycin group of antibiotics 15 years ago when visiting VEDA, and have warned family members of the dangers.
I rarely take antibiotic unless I have a chronic chest infection but would usually wait month’s first or buy vitamins before going the antibiotic route.
Singing on a chest full of garbage just wont cut , 6 nights a week singing.

While living in Shanghia China for a year, I met many locals that had just been introduced to antibiotics, they were sold right off the shelf at any local pharmacy, the girls were eating them like candy, whenever they’d get a sore throat or cold.
This Chinese madam said that I should try this stuff; you just pop a couple a day within 3 days “cold flue gone jenny”

My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw they were antibiotics, I tried to explain not to take them that way, and that they must finish the course, ect…
But with the language barrier they just didn’t get it.
This woman was a madam; she fed them to “her girls”, the local prostitutes on a regular basis.
God only knows what virus mutations will come from China in the future. :shock: