How many of you can handle wheat also citrus

i’ve been trying to avoid wheat and gluten for quite a while but i’ve been super sick the past two months so im beginning to suspect that that’s not a trigger. I miss bread and stuff. I eat rice tortillas - okay but kinda stiff and not as pleasant as whole wheat tortillas with cream cheese on them. I used to eat a few bites of cakes now and then but now i don’t. soooooo hard to figure out what triggers are in my opinion.

i soooo want to try those clementines this winter - little oranges - citrus - i used to always eat them with no problems - i guess all i can do is try again.

i hate being affraid of food!


I cut out wheat altogether once. Then I tested it with 2 x weetabix and 2 hrs later, a thumping migraine so I think it plays a part but after an elimination diet and not getting any really good result I now eat wheat in small amounts.

I dont eat oranges etc., they cause me trouble.


I’m fine with wheat, been avoiding citrus so far, even citric acid and citrate.
I’ve found I can even sprout wheat or rye before baking. Soda bread, though; haven’t dared resume yeast baking.

I think I’m fine with wheat but have to be careful with citrus. Are you sure you have a problem with wheat Chris? Make sure you aren’t avoiding something for no good reason.


Scott, I am not absolutely sure. I had a proper blood test done on over 100 foods and the only two that came up were eggs and yeast. I get bloated anyway if I eat too much wheat and of course, doesnt help the blood sugar. So I am happy to eat small amounts, I find it quite easy, if I have a sandwhich out, I take off one piece of the bread, if I have a large scone, I throw one half away and so on. Make sure I keep the jammy cream part though :smiley:


Hey Christine … sorry, I meant Chris (jrm) when I was asking about the wheat. :slight_smile:

I cracked tonight and had a 1/2 pizza. First time I’ve had cheese in a long while but WOW, was it ever good. Be nice to get away with this just once!

Ooops :oops:

Better check that you put Chris and remember I am Christine on here in future. I forget as most people call me Chris, I put Christine on here as at the beginning I put Chris and people thought I was a bloke :shock:

Glad you enjoyed the pizza. I seem to be able to eat cheese and get away with it, its the things you dont often expect that affect me like almonds, peanuts, cinnamon, meat pies with red wine or too many onions in, yeast extract (think thats got to do with msg). It’s a minefield so nowadays if I get a bad reaction, I don’t always try and work it out anymore, just don’t eat the food I suspect or if I suspect something while I am eating it, I don’t eat too much of it.


i’ve had stratch tests as part of my allergy testing but only thing that ever found was a slight peanut allergy. so there are blood tests for allergies? What kind of dr tests for that but i gues then there are allergies and then there are sensitivites and MaV.

It’s so hard. I had stuff i made last night that had some cheese and some tomatoes in it and today i have tons of ear/head pressure but then i think it’s still a slight cold front coming in. I felt pretty good yesterday for the first time in a long time but today i feel ick so far.

I don’t get it. I will write all this in my diary. I honestly don’t know wht i’m sensitive to any more. my family keeps telling me eat what you want and try to figure it out. but im afraid of stuff.

i love those little clementines in the winter and ate lots of them last year so now i’m going to be afraid to try them. seems like most of you have citrus problems.

so hard to know what to do any more. Just a realy bad year for me :frowning:

hope all of you are having a good day!


Hi everyone!
I’m weighing in on citrus and wheat as well. I’m finding that citrus is pretty much out if I intake it in concentrated forms i.e. orange juice, raw tomatoes, tomato sauce, etc. I noticed that if something has a slight lemon or sauce mandarin oranges in a salad that I might be able to get by with it - so far. Not sure what the variable is yet. Same with wheat products/yeast. Can’t just have a piece of bread, especially sourdough products (my absolute favorite). But, yesterday I ate 6 sourdough croutons with a lunch salad (no dressing, a dry bugger) and seemed to have no problem but a mild headache later on (sorry, Buchholz… took an Advil because I was AT WORK…). However, I’m still trying to decipher what is a neck triggered issue or food triggered issue since I seem to have both going on simultaneously.
Scott - hope you did fine with your pizza. I miss being able to risk an occasional indulgence without catastrophe… like a cup of decaf with a friend. OK, I just HAVE to let that go for awhile…

thanks so much all for responding. I know we are all different so it’s hard to figure it out.

Pizza - OMG what i wouldn’t give. I was making my own for a while there but now since im afraid of too much cheese and tomatoes i feel sad. I even tried the rice crust for myself and made a regular one for my boyfriend.

i guess i just keep trying to figure out what is bad and what is good - don’t know how i got away with eating all those little oranges last winter without getting sick that i can remember.

I do drink decaf but have pretty much quit the iced tea :frowning:



going nuts trying to figure out what to eat and cook. i don’t know if tomatoes are a trigger but seems like most of my recipes have tomatoes in them.

it’s hard planning meals now

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I cracked tonight and had a 1/2 pizza. First time I’ve had cheese is a long while but WOW, was it ever good. be nice to get away with this just once!

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Hey scott - how are you today?

I haven’t found citrus to be a problem - or at least one that I can identify - but I don’t have it that often. Wheat seems fine as well


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Hey scott - how are you today?

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I’m really OK considering all that I’ve been doing lately. Not only did I have the 1/2 pizza (Tandoori chicken with some yoghurt on it), I’ve also been doing a bunch of long walks along the coast here to check out this thing called Sculpture By The Sea and I’m not getting clobbered. Even the IBS has simmered down. Could be because the fallout I had from the cold has finally blown over too. No idea. Sometimes there’s no logic with this bloody illness.

Re citrus: I seem to be OK if I eat one orange but NOT OK if I drink a glass of juice. Portion control seems to keep me sorted in the citrus dept.

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its the things you dont often expect that affect me like almonds, peanuts, cinnamon

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Cinnamon! Damn. Glad it doesn’t seem to bother me. Wonder what about it triggers. . . .

Man, Scott, I’m real glad to hear you’re back to being able to take those walks by the coast.

I’m sure eventually this will become clearer and i’ll figure out what if any food triggers I have.

glad you are doing better Scott. Oh i would love to walk along the beach that sounds so wonderful for now i’ll settle with going to the gym and walking on the greadmill I miss it.

I’ve been exersizing at least at home on my elliptical and all but i miss the going to the gym. I may attempt toorrow it’s the driving that’s the scary part.

i got bette this afternoon and took my mother out and it felt great to do that finally after almost a month or two don’t know how long it’s been since we got her out.

thanks for your responses i guess we are all so different but yet alike