How many of you who are suffering from vertigo had a cervical x-ray to rule out "cervical rib or an elongated cervical C7 transverse process "?

How many of you who are suffering from vertigo had a cervical x-ray to rule out "cervical rib or an elongated cervical C7 transverse process "?

I have had xrays taken from 3 chiropractors before in the past but that’s their normal routine with new patients. Wouldnt they have detected this? I do recall about 8 years ago when i injured my ribcage by falling off the bed landing on a blunt object. I had pain and it would hurt alot whenever i coughed for couple month and then it went away.

Funny thing is when i was at my highest stress level with this condition, the pain came back a little. This just shows how stress can play a role at your body’s most vulnerable state and bring back old injuries.

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Gracy, one issue I have with this is you really need to believe this is a likely cause before exposing yourself to radiation from an x-ray or CT.

Back then elongated cervical C7 transverse process was not significant. Even now many doctors are ignorant about it

How are you treating it?

Please see my Facebook page "Gracy Kalath " for information on it

Having a cervical x-ray and taking a flight is the same exposure to radiation. I had a previous x-ray and it was misread. I have worked 10 yrs in a cath lab and was exposed to radiation everyday when assisting doctors. AWe probably get more from a cell phone. So please don’t hesitate to do them if you don’t feel better with the treatments or don’t have a confirmed diagnosis.

My hand movements were making me dizzy as I was compressing the Vertebral Artery. I am diagnosed with bilateral thoracic outlet syndrome. Please see my Facebook page albums " Gracy Kalath " for information on this. I have also posted lot of medical information on it. It may be helpful to our group.

Try this


"The added dose from cosmic rays during a coast-to-coast round trip flight in a commercial airplane is about 0.03 mSv. " (presume they mean US domestic flight)

“BONE: Radiography (X-ray)-Spine 1.5 mSv”

But sure that’s apparently no different to the extra radiation you get from living at altitude for a year.

Obviously CT & X-Rays make sense in the right circumstances and is a clinical decision …

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No problem, Gracy, I deleted your orphan topic. Please go ahead and repeat what you wanted to say here.

Thanks James. What I am trying to say is they take 4 xray shots may be 5 just like a chest x-ray to rule out cervical rib or an elongated C7 transverse process unlike CT or other x-rays

I am waiting for a vascular surgeon’s appointment. In Canada, it may take months. I will update my status.

Please ask the chiropractor again and make sure you don’t have it. Actually many chiropractor treats it. If your symptoms get worse and if you have TOS see vascular surgeon, not chiropractic treatment for arterial TOS

This is interesting to me. Just before all this started for me, I woke up with excruciating pain behind my right scapula. So bad I couldn’t stand up or walk for a day and felt nauseous and cold sweats. PT and Chiropractor said it was a displaced rib. Happened again a week later only milder, and accompanied by odd, burning cold sensation in my chest. Docs thought it was cardiac but I was cleared for that. Then the disequilibrium and odd sensations in my hands, feet and head started. Diagnosed with SCCDS then MDD and Migraine Equivalent Syndrome. Diet and meds so far not helping at all. I asked if this could be due to an injury from my rib but docs didn’t think so. I had a cervical MRI but it is 5 years old. Would it have shown up then? How do I get someone to check this out?

First read up on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and then the next time you are at the doctor you can mention it and the doctor can check you for it.

Just a cervical x-ray to rule out elongated C7 transverse process and the cervical rib. Please make sure your doctor write exactly what I wrote as my elongated C7 transverse process was missed. I am waiting for a CT angiography currently. Good luck!

If you really have SSCD, you need to patch it and it should help you to stop your dizziness.

Thanks gmathew.

I had two CT scans of the temporal bones. One shows dehiscence the other doesn’t. Doctors don’t agree on if I have it or not, but consensus thus far is that it is not the cause of my symptoms. Vestibular testing was borderline normal. Don’t want major brain surgery to correct something that may not be causing symptoms.

Have you seen Dr. Hain or Dr. Cherchi of Chicago Dizziness clinic. It is worth and they are experts on SSCD. Take your CD if you go.