How much meclizine is too much?

I always thought that meclizine didn’t much for me until I stopped taking because of fear of slowing progress down.

After a week of not taking it and then taking one back I realized it does help even if it’s just a little …i have a prescription for it and it says to take it as needed up to 3 times a day. Would I be doing any damage taking one or two daily depending on the day until I finally find relief from a prophylactic?

I used to do exactly that and was fine. It’s a very mild vestibular suppressant - more of a light sedative.

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You don’t want to take it long term but temporarily if it helps take it!


Could I suggest you clear it with your ‘I love her’ neurologist first just to be on the safe side. Not to mean it’s dangerous to combine the two. I don’t mean that. I wouldn’t know. We don’t have access to meclizine here. I don’t know. Is it intended for regular use? I thought it was for occasional use for travel sickness or am I thinking of something else entirely. Helen

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She was the one who prescribed it. I mentioned to her taking my moms (she always has them on her because of her Menieres history) one time and then buying the over the counter brand. I know sometimes the pharmacist put generic directions on them so emailing her is a good idea

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What dosage are you taking? 25mg?

Yeah. I tried the 12.5 but it didn’t do anything, 25 seems to help better. And it’s not like it’s a miracle drug that takes the dizziness away, I’m still going through a rough patch regardless but meclizines gives me a little extra something to at least be able to function

I think you’ll be fine at that dosage, as long as you’re not taking it for months and months at a time.