How quickly do food triggers affect you?

Just had some guacamole and am feeling the rocking feeling…Not sure if it’s the avocado or lime juice, I didn’t put any onion in it, but within 5 minutes of eating I started feeling the swimming head feeling. How long does it take for food triggers to hit you? Does avocado/lime affect anyone on here!?

It depends for me, for the most part, on the timing. I noticed I was feeling worse with nitrates/nitrites in my diet so I eliminated them for about 3 months then wanted to try again. I had some bacon and felt much dizzier in 15-20 minutes, so I believe it can happen fast sometimes. But not all the time, as I before I stopped nitrates I never noticed anything after eating them, must have been a cumulative affect before or something. Thankfully I haven’t noticed a difference with avocado or lime juice.

Same as Jess, about 10-20 mins

When I was on meds I was so ill that it was very hard to make this connection. Now I’m much better (but far from recovered) it’s much easier to make the link as I go from comfortable to uncomfortable in minutes. It never escalates to a migraine or dizziness though, just discomfort.

Alcohol and salty food can really mess me up for a day or two though.

I think there is a cumulative effect of whatever is your personal trigger. A little bit of this and a little bit of that can add up to a bigger problem…what you ate last could just be the cherry on the top to send the monster over the edge. Just my opinion!!

That certainly could be happening too.