How to lose weight while dizzy?

Does anyone have any experience of losing weight while suffering with this illness? Hunger always triggers an attack for me, as does exercise, so I’m looking for tips on how to work around this. I know it’s going to be a slow process, so I’m starting by cutting out snacks. Having this illness and going through a pregnancy over the last three years, I’ve gained 5 stone! Starting pregabalin in October seems to be responsible for the fifth stone though! Any tips would be much appreciated

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Couple of ideas which i try to keep weight off as the meds make it easy to pile on pounds

  1. Do a lot of walking like 10k steps a day.
  2. Do cardio like 5 minutes for starters and work your way up.
  3. Do low carb diet and avoid processed sugar at all costs.
  4. Try a keto diet. I dont do it but i just do low carb diet. Heard great things about Keto.
  5. Do weight training and yoga to the extent you can

@Amylouise May have some good tips! Certainly a unique struggle we all have with most meds making it difficult on top of our exhaustion, dizziness, pressure and pain.

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