How to manage anxiety and VM at the same time through meds

Hello all again,

I feel like I’ve posting on here so much ugh but just am going through a tough time right now. So I was on Effexor for 6 weeks for migraine and also was having increased anxiety and depression but I felt like the Effexor was making the anxiety worse for way longer than it should and not helping with the dizziness (was at a low dose though) so went off of it. I’m still really struggling with anxiety and just started Timolol eye drops and my dizziness right now is at an all time high (probably from new med, menstruation, and anxiety) which of course makes the anxiety worse and it’s just a vicious cycle. My ENT recommended me to see a psychiatrist. I did see one but she just made me feel worse because she doesn’t understand VM so she was saying that if I start a beta blocker it will just make me dizzier and the key to get rid of my dizziness is to drink more water and eat more food (and yes I should do that stuff but no my dizziness will not go away solely from that lol). I’m just wary of finding a new psychiatrist because I know they will just shove an SSRI at me but I’m wary of going on a new med at the same time as starting the Timolol (possibly switching to propanolol oral administration next week) AND because of my bad experience this previous time with Effexor AND because in the HYH book the author mentions that SSRIs can make migraine activity worse so like I’m just confused how I’m supposed to manage my anxiety and my migraine at the same time. I’m in therapy too but it really doesn’t feel like it’s helping me enough right now. I’ve become agoraphobic basically and cry all the time it’s just horrible. I keep trying to push myself out of it and keep doing things I enjoy and going to work and stuff but it’s so incredibly hard.