How to recognize what dizziness i have?

Quick question guys, in order for someone to have bppv they need to spin out of control or can bppv also make you feel dizzy without vertigo?

For about 2 months give or take I was doing really well, I was so good not being dizzy, occasionally felt a little odd in certain chairs but as a whole I really thought I was making progress and was getting better.

However recently I was sitting in my chair and I must have tweaked my neck in an odd way and it kind of gave me back my dizziness onset I didn’t roll out of bed or anything like that I was just sitting down.

I remember on my first onset when a friend was performing epley maneuver to see if that would help I remember feeling my right eye having nystagmus

But when I went to the audiologist they said it was vestibular migraine, because they didn’t see the eye twitching manifesting even though I told them that maybe the epley my friend performed worked and that’s why it wasn’t present.

Before i ever got dizzy i felt like i was bobbing my head when sitting down, but didn’t feel dizzy, it wasn’t until i was laying down and got up again, my neck had been giving me a really hard time months prior but i really lost a lot of balance that night, however i never had uncontrollable vertigo but afterwards i felt dizzy with the head fog, but no headaches.

Eventually i developed these migraines that will last for 5 days, and are throbbing, sometimes the trigger is being caffenated and kneeling down and getting up again makes me feel like I’m going to faint, and get these awful tingling in the top of my skull soon after followed by dizziness. I’m on my 6th day after my new onset of dizziness, i was somewhat dehydrated that day.

Sometimes these headaches happen even without caffeine, and slice through my every thought, before this new dizziness onset i felt a lot better but still felt off but most chairs stopped giving me issues of dizziness and could ride cars again without feeling terrible. My neurologist hasn’t helped find a solution and hasn’t prescribed me anything, do you guys think i have VM? I would appreciate any insight any of you can give me!

We cannot diagnose here, only medical professionals can, but your symptoms will look familiar to anyone who has been diagnosed with VM or MAV.

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Thanx for your input, and yes correct I’m not looking for a diagnosis but seeing if symptoms are similar to other people here. Since my neurologist hasn’t really helped me, and won’t see me til June.

That’s a long wait. I’d sack that one and find another!

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I agree!

My experience is: If I have BPPV, the dizziness only lasts for a few seconds, for example when I lie down and get up. Or when I move my head too quickly. Otherwise I am fine. If I have Vestibular Migraine, I am dizzy all the time. Lying down and getting up does not make it worse or better.

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Mine started when i was resting my neck against my wall while sitting down on my bed, i didn’t move my neck too fast or anything, it’s weird because i feel like it triggered my residual dizziness, it’s not as bad as my original onset but it’s noticeable, it seems i irritated my neck as it started hurting again and i knelt down got up again and got a huge headache, i i got this tingle in the top of my skull and was dizzy again, sometimes I’ll have a set back,but will feel better the next day, this time I’ll have a good day followed by a bad day and so on.

So far it’s been 7 days counting today, twisting my neck fast will give me dizziness but nothing major, one of the doctors said I have VM, but my neurologist is still trying but he hasn’t prescribed me anything yet, and I’ve already asked him. When you have bppv do you have spinning vertigo? Because I’ve never had vertigo just that boaty floaty feeling, and the sensation that the room is kinda moving but but not vertigo.

Also as i mentioned, i also had nystagmus on my right eye four months ago, as i could feel my eye twitching when my friend was performing an epley, some have told me it’s residual dizziness, but I’m not sure residual dizziness Should last all this time.

Yes, I do. It is very uncomfortable. BPPV usually last around 3 weeks for me.

I understand it’s possible to have bppv and VM at the same time or overlapping which makes it really confusing. I was able to help my own bppv by performing Epley maneuvers on my own. The VM was much trickier and after giving up on antidepressants and benzos and lots of other meds due to side effects, I finally decided to go gluten free after reading and hearing about how gluten can be a trigger for both migraines and dizziness. I’m amazed to discover after 5 weeks off gluten the migraines have let up - I had them with aura and they had progressed into VM with profound dizziness with whole body sickness.

The dizziness though is still here. It’s not as strong or as constant but it’s with me daily. My guess is that it’s PPPD aka Chronic Dizziness which can come about due to trauma or VM! So I’ve begun my own at home VRT, simple head shaking exercises to retrain the vestibular system.

I’m still sorting out diet issues, a subject for another thread probably and I apologize for that. But it does seem likely that gluten sensitivity can trigger migraines for a lot of people as well as histamine. Trying to stay on a low histamine diet and gluten free both is tricky and I’m not sure wise but I’ve been desperate. I tried a low the histamine diet, so hard, then figured it might be an unlikely trigger so I decided to let that go a bit. I went back to my glass of white wine and snacking on walnuts and Bam! Next day Migraine and dizzy, dizzy and sick. Sorry for the long post but just to say that I do think it’s possible to control this with dirt but it’s not easy. I will find out.

Diet! Not dirt!!!