How to stop being so discouraged?

When I look up symptoms on discussions here and find threads with people that have the same symptoms as I do, and who despite medications and diet changes, deal with this monster for years, it really discourages me. I havent started any medications despite dealing with symptoms for over a year, but I have an upcoming appointment and my future really frightens me and makes me feel extremely depressed for what lies ahead. If anyone could give me any words of advice, it would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

May I ask why you refuse to try any type of medication?
Perhaps you might find some relief. Many on these boards have been quite successful .

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Agree with NYGal, medication really helps. It doesn’t control all the symptoms all of the time, but can get you back to leading a normal life pretty rapidly.

I believe in time MAV dissipates. 1 year in I’m less bad less often and recover quicker from downs. I’m far less anxious and not depressed now. Yes it might take a long time to get back to normal so symptom control is a must; you can’t put life on hold for too long or you will go crazy.

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thank you both for replying! It’s not that I’ve refused, its just that I thought this was all in my head and that i would “get over it,” but now that its gotten relatively worse, I think meds are my only choice now. i just keep hearing that taking meds might make symptoms worse, and thats the one thing that I really do not want happening. These days my rocking on a boat feeling with neck pain has gotten worse, I just really want to do something about it.

Meds absolutely reduced my symptoms very dramatically. I was practically a basket case without them. I went up on dose until I found it to be no longer improving my symptoms.

thats great that they helped for you! but they no longer help with your symptoms?

let me clarify: they continue to help tremendously, but they have their limits. I still feel unsteady some days and they have done nothing for my tinnitus. I believe I have an underlying inner ear problem and the medication doesn’t address that. It’s up to my body to heal that part.


The only med my Dr offered was Klonapin, and even a small does of that made me horribly manic, so I quit taking it. From these forums, I discovered taking 400 mg of magnesium glycinate, 400 mg B2 (riboflavin) and 375 mg of Feverfew each day really has made a world of difference for me.

Short background of my symptoms: vertigo once a month or so (and once it hit, it lingered for about 3 days), daily headaches (not migraine), constant feeling of floating, constant tinnitus in both ears and little to moderate dizziness daily. I was miserable.

I went through 2 months of physical therapy, tried the migraine diet, and still wasn’t feeling well until I started the supplements. I now stay away from caffeine (I drink decaf coffee or herbal tea), and no MSG or nitrates. I added chocolate back, and even though it has some caffeine, I don’t feel bad eating it.) I feel good. It’s such a happy thing to say. (I’m smiling as I’m typing.) I still have the tinnitus, but I only have a day or two per month where I feel dizzy, and its probably a combo of the weather (South Louisiana) and something I ate.

Try the supplements, and figure out what foods to stay away from, and you may be lucky enough not to need meds.

Some of my anxiety has gone away too. I only have panic attacks once a month or so, where I was having them almost every night. I am not a person who likes to take medicines, so I am not on anything for anxiety.

All of this is thanks to the wonderful people sharing their experiences on this forum, so thanks to all of you who take the time to help others. I hope my story can help someone else, or at least give them hope.


Laura D

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Is there a pill that contains all of these supplements together?

I’m not sure. I actually can’t swallow most pills, so I buy the powdered magnesium, and the B2 & Feverfew are in capsules that I open and dissolve in orange juice. I get all my supplements from vitacost online. But, beware of the quality of some items. I tried the cheap, vitacost B2, and could tell that it had lots of fillers. I get the Bluebonnett B2.

Yeah, my magnesium tablets are uncomfortably large

Medications do help. You owe it to yourself to at least try a few. They may not completely resolve your symptoms but can shove them into the background so you can live a normal life.

I suffered for over a year without medications. I wish I had found the right doctor early on.

@Oneofhesedays thank you! You sound like me, I also suffered for over a year without meds and I feel so depressed, as a college student. I’m seeing a neurologist in two weeks but I"m so afraid that he’ll tell me that there might be no recovery, even with meds. Maybe I’ve been on this forum reading too many posts but it’s pretty frightening seeing the number of people who have this for so many years.