How would you guys handle this?

Hey gang,

So next week I have a second interview for a job I think will be really great. I’m also feeling quite anxious about moving to new ground, new people, a new office space … because I will also be carting this 800 lb migraine gorilla in there with me. So today I was talking to somebody who works there for some inside info and she told me that the organisation do not let people use laptops that they can take in and out of the place. It sounds to me like there are fixed work stations set up with computers ready to go. I’m fretting about this because I am VERY limited in the sorts of screens I can handle. Most are bad news and make me feel massively ill and dizzy within 1-2 minutes.

So what do I do without them thinking I’'m some sort of freak? My plan is to get through the interview and if it’s all looking good then I will have to say, “and there’s one more thing”. Sort of like the extra steak knives they didn’t bank on. :lol: I figure I’ll say that about 7 years ago I was hit with a virus that got into my inner ear and caused me some nasty dizziness for months. Ever since then, while not dizzy now (a slight lie), I have trouble with certain LCD screens which make me feel quite dizzy very quickly. Is it possible to work around this issue with a laptop etc. I have an older screen here at home that I used to be good on. No reason it won’t still be ok if I had to take it in there.

Anyway, it’s embarrassing but this is the reality of the situation. They either help me deal with it or I cannot work there if the screens trash me. Simple as that. I really hate that I have to think about this when anyone else would just cruise into the new spot. Starting a new job is nerve racking anyway … and now there’s this to contend with as well like a leper has just arrived. :shock:

Have you guys had to think this sort of stuff through on a new job?

Thanks … S

I’d find out what type they are and if you can buy a compatable one/ or the one you already have at home , hide it in a back pack and attach it when you get in there.
Is a permanent work station? like your own???
Tell them nothing! :mrgreen:
I use to think it was a good idea to tell employers, but now I say bugger it! …you have to work for Gods sake!.
Good luck with it S.


I feel your dilemma. How badly do you want this particular job? It may be, like my daughters place of work, they wont let her use a computer out of the office. Everything has to be done on their computers, security I guess. I think you have the right plan.
Go through the interview first, show them the highly organized, hard working, bright spark you are (and we all know you are Scott, you only have to look at what you do for this board), then, at the end, hit them with the computer thing. They will either accept it or not. I think you have to be upfront to a certain extent or if you are like me, you will worry yourself sick afterwoulds anyway.

I sometimes feel like a scitzophrenic (spelling!) I used to go into interviews, places, looking so confident. Now my other side comes through. Went to a second opticians yesterday, the glasses I had made up local arent right. Spent half an hour before I went in wondering how to explain everything, ended up being friendly chatting to the opticians, then I got to the dizzy thing, ended up waffling, red in the face, jibbering wreck. Could hear myself apologising for being such a pain. Came out drained.

I think you should go in forgetting you have the MAV. Do the interview, then, like you say, at the end, bring up the dizziness (whichever way you want to explain it) and the computer. And go in there thinking if they dont want you, with the couple of discrepancies :lol: stuff it!


Hi Scott

I wouldn’t say anything until/unless you are offered the job.

Don’t you have to fill in an Occupational Health form anyway (confidential until job offered)?

In the UK once you’re in a job Occ Health have to advise on any reasonable alterations to your workspace.


I agree - go in and do the interview without worrying about the MAV stuff. Then if you are offered the postion, you have a better chance of negotiation/making requests for some changes in your work space. How you address that needs to be done carefully (and how you noted it above sounds ok), but isn’t there anything in AU, like the UK and US, that requires them to assist you if you have special needs? Also, what really bothers you with computer screens? I use a detachable glare screen on mine, provided by my employer but can also be purchased on my own at the store, that helps me a lot.

Best, Bonnie

I agree with the others - Tell them nothing until you have the job

woohoo for second interview though :smiley:

I also would not mention the MAV until you receive the offer.

Are there any laws in place that require employers to make accommodations for employees with needs like this?

Hi Scott and good luck with your second interview!
I wouldn’t mention anything until you have got the job. I don’t know about employment law in your neck of the woods but here in the UK we usually have a risk assessment when we start a job and then anything you need (like a special chair if you have a bad back, or a stand to raise your monitor if you are very tall, or anything else really) is sorted out for you. I can’t see changing your monitor to one that suits you being a problem. I know it’s awkward asking for special stuff, but to be honest, if you needed a different chair because you had a spinal injury or something I am sure you wouldn’t feel so bad about that? It’s the fact that MAV is largely invisible and/or hard for people to understand that makes us feel under this pressure and like we are being trouble by asking for something different or extra. But at the end of the day it is a disability and you have a right to have adjustments made to your working environment to help you work (or at least we do over here! I expect the laws are the same/similar for you?)
All the best,

Hi Scott

I read your post with interest as I had a similar dilemma about 6 mths ago when i decided I needed to progress in my career and start applying for jobs. I’m an honest person and don’t believe in lying on application forms or interviews. However I took the stance that if they didn’t ask, I didn’t tell them. So on any application form, occupational health form or interview where they asked about health and time off work, I explained about the MAV and how it’s controlled through medication, changes to my work desk/office and lifestyle. If they didn’t ask, I didn’t tell them and I would have mentioned it once I was offered the role. Most of the jobs I apply to say that the job offer may be subject to medical assessment and so I assumed that if it didn’t come up in the application form/interview stages, the subsequent medical form for occ health would be the place to mention it.

My main issue turned out to be actually being well enough to attend the interviews in the first place! I missed 4 - 5 as they were during a bad dizzy spell for me. Many interviews I have involve presentations due to the nature of the job. Normally at work I can get through my usual regular presentations whether I’m dizzy or not as I’ve done them so many times, I go into autopilot. But the stress of the interview and the unfamiliar presentations made the bad dizzies much worse to a level where I didn’t feel well enough to represent myself properly and to be in with a chance of getting the role. In fact I gave up on applying for a few months until the dizziness improved and had my first non-dizzy interview a few weeks ago. I didn’t get the job but I’m not upset. In fact it did my confidence the world of good as I managed to get through the interview without MAV affecting me and I felt I did the best interview I could. there was no more I could have done. And in the current climate with increasing competitions for jobs, it’s encouraging to be getting to the interview stages!

Good luck with your interview, let us know how it goes


Congrats, Scott on a second interview. I tend to agree that you say nothing unless offered a job. Here in the US if you have a bonafide disability you can get special equipment,+ and I’m not sure that you even have to bring it up at all during an interview (I don’t know the laws). I was on the Teri Roberts migraine site this morning and there was mention about using computers under fluorescent lighting: … reventives. However, the suggestion would definitely make you stand out as the “NEW GUY with the sunglasses and ball cap”. Hey, whatever it takes.
Best of luck.

I agree with everyone also - i wouldn’t say anything unless i got offered the job and then you can negotiate about monitors and stuff. I think they almost have to accomodate you for the most part. seems like it should be a law or something. I’ve had to have a very dark office with no lights overhead esp fluorescent. my monitor is okay if i’m dizzy i’m dizzy and it’s hard to look up at the montitor but mine is caused from my stupid allergies mostly i swear.

Congratulations on the second interview!!!


Hey Scott,

I wouldn’t mention it. If it’s a requirement of the job that you have a certain monitor, that’s their responsibility to tell you that - like if you were to become a fighter pilot they tell you you can’t be colour blind. They want you for your brain full of knowledge and stuff, the computer screen you use is practically a non issue I think. When you get the job and turn up on your first day no doubt you’ll have a proper induction and lots of forms etc to fill in. That would be the time to discuss what monitor you need to use. It should even be OK for you to use your own lap top - can’t they plug in hard drives and stuff now? They should forget about security - I think with Wikileaks etc that horse has already bolted. :lol:

We’ll talk soon - I’ve got some eye problems right now (hopefully migraine related, not optic neuritis again) which is kind of knocking me round.