Huey Lewis - Ménières

Huey Lewis

I can understand for sure.


I was an almost professional level pianist and singer. I sold my piano 2 years ago as I’m unable tolerate the distortion I hear on many notes. It was heart breaking.

I shifted my creative urges to focus on computing. This has helped significantly psychologically.

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I think I find the psychological game harder than the physiological sometimes.

Really? Awesome. How long did you play for?
I played as a kid for like 8 years but stopped when women became my hobby lol Would have liked to start up again. I promised myself if I ever got better I’d finally learn the guitar.

I know you aren’t on Amitriptyline anymore but have you ever thought about trying it again at a lower dose to get rid of tinnitus? Nort & Ami are the only medication that can seem to do this?

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iirc women and music tend to go very well together :wink: ahem. (Though I’m married now so well past that game!)

I would not consider going back on medication as I don’t miss the bowel impact and cognitive impairment (albeit mild).

I haven’t given up on ongoing improvement to my hearing.

I’ve never had any significant low frequency damage (or roaring tinnitus) so I’m fairly positive my issue is reversible and indeed the distortion and pressure sensations have declined very very slowly year by year. So here’s hoping.

You can be very sure I will invest in the greatest piano ever if my hearing returns to normal :).

I might add that it was this website that gave me hope about reversing the tinnitus and hearing loss:

I quote:

"In most cases, tinnitus comes from hydrops and can be treated, despite the absurd frequent diagnosis of permanent damage, given by many specialists, without any proof of this alleged damage.

“Real” tinnitus (which are not real sounds or noises, produced by an actual sound source, but only bioelectric signals arriving at the acoustic area of ​​the brain) originates from dysfunction of the inner ear and the auditory apparatus, often reversible and treatable, when the cause is the hydrops."

Interestingly he is convinced of the ‘Hydrops’ theory:

"Recurrent Vertigo, Dizziness and Inner Ear Hydrops

The annoying feeling of subjective imbalance (dizziness) and all the recurrent attacks of vertigo are always due to hydrops and can always be treated, without exception."

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Well you certainly kept that one tucked right up your sleeve a good long time I guess. Fascinating. I wonder what uptake figures he’s had. Reading his terms I cannot imagine any UK ENTs agreeing to those. Altruistic UK consultants must be rarer than hens teeth

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And you were never tempted to find out his treatment protocol and give it a go? Get one of your ‘tame’ consultants involved? That surprises me. Helen

Because of definite incremental, if slow, improvement I’ve left it up to nature.

I fear that these protocols may appear to help but nature would have fixed it anyway, so how do you tell if it’s worth it?

In the case of Hydrops I suspect there is an inbuilt process which, all other things having stabilised, will naturally rebalance the fluids over time.

Ah, the Million Dollar Question. That goes for all of us irrespective of possible suspected root cause. The answer to which we each have to find for ourselves.

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I think another big thing for me about this information is that Hydrops is clearly a reversible condition so long as you don’t have Menieres which sadly appears to be progressive for most sufferers. They are not the same thing. So many doctors appear to be oblivious to the distinction.