Hungry all the time on nortriptyline

I am going crazy (and fat). I am hungry all the time on nortriptyline. I am only on 25 mg. Can it really be? When I get hungry I get dizzy. And some days I must eat every hour or to. Is this normal? And will it pass? It has been this way for months.
The nortriptyline is helping me. But I get nervous that this could course another helthproblem. Argh… Nothing is easy with this MAVthing.

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It’s never hit me that way, thankfully, and I’'m currently on 75 mG/day.
Question: is the hunger only satisfied–temporarily, I realize–by unhealthy/fattening foods?
There were times (pre-nortrip) when I used to be sitting and chawing continuously but was able to satisfy the need by working my way through a head of lettuce.

I don’t know about “nothing” being easy with MAV. Years ago, when I was supple and awfully fit, I used to occasionally kneel on the floor and arch my back till I could reach down behind me and touch the floor with my head, then come back up. What was the point? When I came back up, the world was whew–whew–whew whirly. Cheap rush, but fun.
Nowadays, all I need is for the barometric pressure to change, and the vertigo comes all by itself.
Funny how I don’t enjoy it now. I guess that happens with lots of things that come without your working for them. Deep, huh?

Yes. It makes me constantly want to eat. I’m weighing myself weekly. If it starts going up I’ll re evaluate nort.
So far, even though I’m picking and snacking all day, I have gained no weight. I’m on 20 mg. I cannot go any higher. Not sure if nort is “the one” anyway. How long have you been on nort ?

I dont think, unfortunately, salad will help hunger. :slight_smile:
connundrum; I am on 20 mg. And I am not going higher either. But there is no doubt that Nori has helped me. But unfortunately hunger is a big trigger for me, so I get dizzy from the hunger I get from the Nori… Hmm… Crazy.

New to the board. Great posts.
I took nortryptilne but my new Dr. said they cannot check your blood level like on immimpramine. The tryciyclic drugs, older antidepressants have that hunger side effect. Now I am on Elavil, he said that is better for migraines but I get very hungry 1 hour after I take it.

I’m on 10mg Nori and it has helped me along with Paxil and Verapamil. I am ready and willing to eat all the time. I never was that way before. I have always been the skinny girl, and now I have gained almost 20 lbs since starting Nori last March. I seem to crave fattening foods, too. Wish I craved a nice salad with low fat dressing !!! I started a protein energy shake that has no caffine. I have one in the am and one around 2pm, then just a light dinner. Only been doing it for a week, so the scale has not moved yet. I think Paxil is NO help either so I’m on two that make you fat. Verapamil is probably innocent, although not sure. I know it sure makes you constipated. What a world!!! But, I am 90% better on these drugs and got MAV last Dec. 2011
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