Hyperbaric chamber for migraine relief?

There is a commercial on T.V. right now for hyperbaric chamber and they say that it can help all kinds of conditions, one of them being migraine. I don’t know how it works exactly but I’m going to give the place a call. Has anyone else heard of this?

i’ll put it on my list of things to ask Hain the next time i talk to him. let us know what you find out.

I’ve seen the same commercial, but I don’t know much about it. I read a short description somewhere, but I can’t remember where. As expected, I believe they are focusing on putting someone in there who has a bad migraine headache. I wonder if it would help with MAV too? I’m interested in what you find out.

Never mind, I won’t even consider this as an option. I looked into it and there is a possiblity of middle ear baratrauma or fistulas of the middle ear that can be one of the many complications as a result of this type of therapy. Anyone with inner ear complications (all of us) should run from this idea!
Complicatons to the inner ear are similar to what divers experience from HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) and would only serve to make us more miserable.
Not to mention, I don’t even think it’s covered by insurance. Oh well, I had to check it out. Can’t leave any stone unturned :smiley:

I assume you meant Inner ear barotrauma and fistulae.

There’s no such thing as a “middle ear” fistula?

I wanted to be able to help people who suffer the same as me, I have heard that the hyperbaric chamber is used to eliminate the symptoms of vestibular migraines. On the hyperbaric chamber website it says this "How does the Hyperbaric Chamber help?

The application of hyperbaric oxygen for the treatment of Vertiginous Syndrome is a modern and effective solution with evidence of good clinical results. Treatment with a hyperbaric chamber increases the amount of oxygen transported by the blood and this generates a strong hyperoxia that produces the reduction of inflammation and edema of all the tissues of the body. There is the stimulation of circulation and a greater supply of oxygen to the cells of the inner ear, which reduces or disappears the symptoms in a few sessions "

I will do it but not even for economic reasons if someone can do it and help you I would appreciate it. comment here to help us

Valentina, have you tried this treatment, and did it help?

Do you know of any published research that shows statistically that significant numbers benefit from it?

Have vague memories of a friend of Em’s @flutters trying this unsuccessfully. I read one entry on here whereby after one treatment one poster rather than losing a migraine gained a previously never experienced aura!

Personally I can’t imagine extra ear pressure would do me any good whatsoever. Just the suction ear cleaning device that removes earwax by pressure brings on instant objective vertigo that doesn’t know when to stop.

My buddy tried it for labrinthitis after suddenly going deaf in his left ear. I think he tried about a dozen treatments. Still deaf.

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While the chemistry behind this practice is way over the top of my head I think that just the original date on this thread speaks volumes. Despite the various references there are no ‘success stories’ recorded and beside as soon as I read about treatments making vertigo ‘disappear in a few sessions’ the hairs on the back of my head stand up and the word ‘scam’ comes to mind. If oxygen treatment was a successful treatment I’d have thought we’d have heard much more about it before now. I’m a cynic who keeps her money close with such unknowns.

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I think oxygen has a place in acute migraine care but I don’t see it as working like a prophylactic or long term cure.


Interestingly, Dr. Andrea La Torre prescribes hyperbaric treatment for some of his patients:

The non pharmacological components in my treatment are represented by a considerable water load (i.e. plenty of water to drink every day), because water is the main natural inhibitor of antidiuretic hormone; short cycles (10 days) of strict special diet following the provided rules; a pressure treatment to create a back pressure in the inner ear, and, only in selected cases and with the same purpose, sessions of hyperbaric therapy.”