Hypersensitive nervous system - tremors

I have been monitoring my symptoms for the past while and I am convinced that I have an extremely sensitive nervous system, to the point where I am starting to tremor more and more.

I have had a few dental operations over the past weeks and I have noticed that my neck constantly tremors when I am trying to keep my head still (when they are taking xrays for example). My jaw also chatters constantly tremoring when I am holding it open, even for short amount of time.

I have also noticed my hands tremoring when holding objects, and when standing still I can feel my legs tremoring internally. If I am standing and trying to talk to someone I can feel my neck tremoring also.

It actually makes a lot of sense as to why I feel dizzy.

When I am standing and my legs are tremoring that would obviously give me the illusion that the ground is moving. When I am sat still (without my neck supported) my neck is tremoring giving me the illusion that my surroundings are moving.

I know I shouldn’t continually question my diagnosis but I really wonder if this could possibly be signs of parkinsons or MS.

I have always been a slightly anxious person, but not to the point of these quite noticeable tremors. Ill take it up with Neuro next month and see what he says

Richy here is a link to a site listing the early signs of Parkinson’s - do you have any of these things apart from tremor?

parkinson.org/Parkinson-s-Di … -s-Disease

By the way nori can cause tremoring, I was quite bad when I started taking it. Also I find doing anything more physical than normal can set it off too.

My Granny had Parkinson’s disease and I think one of the first signs is shuffling when you walk and falling over easily. From what you have said before, it sounds a lot more like migraine than Parkinson’s but I guess a neuro would know best x

Hypersensitive nervous system is what my GP said I had a few weeks before the big bang hit.
It was when I went complaining of feeling fluey, and with a strange rash that kept appearing and high blood pressure.

I also have the tremors when needing to be still. Had them in each MRI I had.

I wouldn’t worry about Parkinsons etc. Your neuro would have picked this up already surely.

Are you able to make the London meet?

I guess the neuro would of picked it up but will mention to him anyway when I see him next month.

I wonder if the stress of everything going on is just getting a bit too much… What i wouldnt give to just have a clear day where my mind has the chance to just relax and re-energise

I have this too. it’s all tension from trying to keep yourself up from vertigo. I have it in my eyes too - they pulse. Totally normal.

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I have the tremors too - it’s internal, just under the skin. I notice it mainly at night when it wakes me. Just more of the fun that is MAV!

This sounds a bit like what I get on waking up. I thought maybe it was a symptom of sleep paralysis! I don’t know but I am the same as msmolly. Trembling/shaking wakes me up and not only that I feel extremely confused when it happens. The more I learn about MAV the more I am convinced all my little ‘quirks’ are related to MAV.

Kathy x

I get these quite frequently, but I’m not dizzy when I have them, although they can be quite bad. I thought I was losing my mind. Thank you for making me realize I am not.

Richy are you on any medications? Some of them can cause the tremor.
I woke up with an internal trembling every day for a year and a half…it finally went away and only rears its head occasionally…and it’s always a yuck way to wake up.