Hysterectomy help/hurt mav

Hello everyone, I am 30 now but have been getting migraines since high school and they have been getting worse since, my worst migraine is always right after my period ends. I have also had MAV symptoms for about 4 years now but didn’t know what they were until recently, my worst MAV happens just before my period. My question is what if I had a hystercomy and removed both of my ovaries since my migraines and MAV are so hormoonly related do you think it would help. Is there anything that helps you MAV especially the ones realted to hormones. I take kholonpin for anxiety and saw it can help with MAV so I will try it next time, I also was wondering if a water pill would help. I just started taking migralief and will see how it helps both problems. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you. :smiley: