I am confused - MAV or Basilar type Migraines

I am confused, is MAV just another term for Basilar type migraines? The most prominent symptoms of Basilar migraines are vertigo and dizziness. If MAV and Basilar are the same, then MAV has an increased risk of stroke compared to other types of migraines. In addition, beta blockers “should be avoided” for BTM. I was considering taking Propranolol, but now I am concerned. Does anybody have any insight on this?!



I have not heard of beta blockers being avoided for Basilar Migraine. This was my first diagnosis before Menieres, Lupus, CFS,
Vestibular migraine, inner ear lesion etc. etc. I do know that the triptans should be avoided Imigran etc.

My bad migraines were always in the back of the head and because I had vertigo and all the other symptoms that go along with migraine they diagnosed Basilar Migraine.

I found propranolol one of the preventatives I could tolerate, but couldnt get above 40 mg a day because it gave me insomnia and loose bowels (two of the known side effects for some people).


Hi Christine,

So do you know if Basilar is bascially MAV or are they significantly different? Are you still on Propranolol? If not, what are you taking and is it working for you? I am considering Propranolol and nortriptyline.


I believe there has been some controversy lately over Basilar Migraine. It doesnt make much difference (apart from the tryptans) as the treatments are the same.

I am not on propranolol now and I have got by over the years with small amounts of painkillers as I tried over 20 preventatives and none did much for me and I had too many side effects. There are many who have got 95% better with a preventative so they are well worth trying.

Years ago, I was in touch with many people who got their life back with propranolol, but they needed to get to 80mg a day or above, it was one of the best ones for “Basilar Migraine”.

Personally, I could tolerate propranolol and amitriptyline in small doses more than the SSRIs but everyone is different.

I use 10 mg propranolol occasionally for anxiety, eg. before an MRI scan or an interview, something like that.


Thanks Christine for sharing your experience with Propranolol. I feel better about trying it now.