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I am confused! Positional vertigo

Last night the OS of the computer broke and I had to submit an article by the next day so I had to fix it. Got into some stress because of this. Slept around 11pm, ate homemade biryani at night. I also took a single Gravol at around 7-7.30 pm because I was feeling little dizzy.
In the morning, at about 6.30 or 7, I woke up to pee, had no balance issues, normally went to the bathroom but as I was staring at the wall in front of me, the wall was moving for few times and gradually it stopped. I came back to bed. And noticed when I am lying on my left side, things are moving, I am getting vertigo. Not very intense, but I was getting visual vertigo. No other symptoms like sweating, nausea or vomiting. And when I lie straight, the vertigo gradually decreases. I thought this might increase, so I took the medicines, two Gravol, one Stemetil and one Lonazep as my doctor suggested and slept again. Even after 2-3 hours I was still getting the vertigo when lying on the left side. Then I lied on my right side for a minute or two to see what happens and the vertigo got decreased automatically.
My doctor has put me on dosages of topiramate 25, spironolactone, hydrochlorothiazide and D-Venizep 50. Because my doctor assumes I might have Menieres Disease along with Vestibular migraine as I can’t hear from my left ear. My vertigo attacks were terrible before. I got this attack after about a month now.
I am confused because how the attack stopped! Can someone suggest something what could have happened?

Hi Nemo

There is no real way of knowing why your vertigo stopped as abruptly as it did. Maybe the drug cocktail you had been prescribed worked better than usual. Another possibility if I’ve read and edited your text correctly (please check) may be the fact that you moved away from lying on your left (bad ear) side. When I’ve experienced vertigo for sustained periods I’ve always found it won’t occur if I lie on my left side. Soon as I turn onto my right side (presumably my ‘bad’ side) it occurs again.

Hope I got the edit correct otherwise please feel free to correct it. Your choice of username made me smile. Thx

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Thank you for your reply! Maybe the drug cocktail worked! 🤷
Glad I made you smile. I’ll keep your edit. I believe, you know more than me about that thing. :blush:

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@nemo011 Hi! I have only been diagnosed with vestibular migraines for about 11 months and didn’t think it had gotten any better, until it got worse. I was also diagnosed with BPPV (positional vertigo) at the same time. I went to the ENT, they did the Epley (put the crystals back in the right spot) and the vertigo was gone. About 5 weeks ago, the vertigo started again. About a week after the vertigo started, I got Covid. I was fully vaccinated, so it was relatively mild, so I thought maybe that’s what caused the vertigo. I finally went to the ENT and of course they don’t do the dix-hallpike/Epley maneuver on your first visit, so I had to wait 2 weeks for the next appointment which was yesterday. I was very surprised to find out that it was NOT BPPV this time. Vertigo is also a symptom of VM’s so it could be that and apparently just have to live with it. She also mentioned anxiety induced vertigo which I had never heard of and you did mention you had some stressful stuff going on. If it was BPPV, sometimes it will resolve on it’s own.


I don’t think I’ve BPPV, because I’ve been checked for this multiple times. And I’ve noticed it multiple times now, smallest amount of stress is causing me huge problems. Maybe because of my long history of depression. I’ve to start meditation again.
I hope you feel better soon @Katy.

@nemo011 I didn’t realize you had already been checked for BPPV so that rules that out, but dizziness and vertigo are both symptoms of VM, so maybe we both just got it so bad because of the added stress/anxiety which is a trigger. I suffer from depression too and have had a lot happen this year and it sounds like you have too, so maybe the extra stress brought it all on for both of us.

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Maybe the stress is the biggest trigger.