I am in vertigo/dizzy hell! WHy is this happening?

Well I’m just at a loss as to why this is happening other than I have been tracking barometric pressure and I live in rainy Oregon and always feel like crap this time of year. I guess it’s just the MAV coming back. And ever since it came back (in October after dental work) I’ve been eating better than ever and still getting worse. I blame the weather. Before the first vertigo attack last year I have always felt hungover everyday in the wet winter, pressure in my eyes and head, headaches, a little off balance, etc. All the same symptoms minus the bad dizziness where I couldn’t even work. Before my diagnosis I was convinced I had MS or Fibromyalgia. I guess I’m in denial that it really is MAV. My Verapamil isn’t working at all and I need to get out of the this rainy hell hole! I don’t know, maybe a change in medication? Oh, and the barometric pressure changes have been horrible too. Makes perfect sense. Hell my valium is barley working anymore i’m so dizzy. I don’t how I made it through work today. I’m feeling about as low as I can possibly feel and very alone. My family still doesn’t really understand as I look too good to be this ill. Any positive words would help right now. Thanks


If the maximum dose of verapmil does not help then it might b a good idea to try another med. If u have been diagnosed with MAV then chances r that MAV is what u have. Read the ten commandments of MAV again if u need reassurance. I too question my diagnoses on and off but really nothing else makes sense so hence I always revert back to the MAV diagnosis

Thanks for the reply,I’m only on 20mg in the morning and 40mg at night and my doctor told me once I got to a higher does the 120SR would be a good option. But now he is saying to just go to 40 in the morning and 40 at night and that it’s by weight and I’m a thin person and he wouldn’t go much higher? I swear they never remember what they tell their patients! The only thing saving my life right now is valium and I hate it but it sure does work!

Bleh - the barometric stuff can be awful (it definitely affects me), and I know this is a bad time of year in your part of the country.

I agree with Nabeel - go over the 10 Commandments, and make sure you’re controlling the things you can. Weather is certainly one thing we can’t, so we have to look at every area where we can possibly help ourselves.

Also, I’ve been trying to drink additional water each day (on top of staying well-hydrated, I’m trying to extra-hydrate; see my recent post about 4 extra cups of water a day) and it’s very hard to do! I suspect many of us are mildly dehydrated and we don’t know it. Are you getting enough fluid every day?

Hope you feel better soon!

Hi Leslie, another webfoot from Oregon, drenched in liquid sunshine–just chiming in to sympathize. What a constant downpour this day this has been, at least in Portland!

I don’t know where you are, but I too have noticed increased dizziness in these rainy weeks. Mine never gets very bad, but I do have the CONSTANT though varying woozy-foggy head, and I even had a couple of headaches recently–pretty rare for me. I attribute it mostly to the weather.

I hope you can figure out a medication regime that works well for you. Unfortunately there ain’t nothing we can do about the weather… The worst for me right now is the arthritis and aching–like the old-timers used to say, “my rheumatism”!

Good luck to you and let’s hope to get some drier weather soon!