I am very happy to say that i am so much better

I am very happy to say that i am so much better, most days 100%. I am taking flunarizine 5 mg, Ami 62,5 mg, Zoloft 25 mg and Cefaly device. This is the cocktail that saved my life, i also tried bottox too, but realized that it was making me worst. I also use a tooth plaque every day and exercise almost everyday. I intend to start stopping the medices in two monthes, after talking to my doctor, and believe, i have coffee everyday, 4 times at least, and i can drink any type of alcoohol, like i did before MAV, with just the normal hangovers when i drink too much. So believe, you will get better, never give up. At the worst days i was felling that there was no hope and i wanted to just sleep and die, but now i am here, working 8 ours a day as an governamental auditor, computer all day, going out with my friends and family. BELIEVE, DON´T GIVE UP!!!


Thank you for coming back to tell us how you’re doing. It gives me hope to read recovery stories, so I really appreciate it! Wishing you a good further MAV-free life!

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Great news, but please, consider dropping the coffee or go decaf so you can back off on the meds! There’s imho little point in countering coffees with more medication?

I had to look this up, in case anyone is wondering, it’s this, very curious!:

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What is your Ami dosage ? 5mg or 60mg ?

Congrats. Slowly taper the meds. Enjoy life !

Sorry, in Brasil we write 62,5 in england is Ami 62.5

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I love coffee i was on decaf for two years, then i started having coffee again. Let’s see how i will work with no meds. In fact my great trigger now is aspartame, speacially in Halls and Trident chicle.

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Sorry for my poor english…

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FWIW, I found backing off on meds made it very clear Caffeine was a big problem, but YMMV. Don’t worry about your English :slight_smile:, you ought to hear my Portuguese! (I love Ivan Lins’ music but have no idea what he is singing! :grimacing:)

He is a great singer!!

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This is wonderful news :slight_smile: can I ask what your symptoms were before ?

Dizziness and head presssure 24×7, sometimes head pain.

Head pain = (migraine headache)

So glad to hear ur better we always need recovery stories :slight_smile:

Did you see any weight gain on Ami + flunarizine?

Yes, 2 kg.

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Glad to hear you are better and thanks for sharing your story. I’m curious about the cefaly device. How often do you use it? How long did you use it for before you noticed a difference in your symptoms?

30 days to notice a difference in the symptoms. I use it almost every day in the prevetion mode.

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Thanks for the info.

What do you mean by tooth plaque?

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mouth splints during the sleep.

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