I cannot tell you HOW HAPPY I am

That I found this forum,

I’ve been suffering with on/off vertigo for over 2 yrs. I’m 43 yrs old. I’ve had every test known to man and was told it was everything and nothing.
The ENT I went to see was clueless

Then I posted my symtoms on another board and a woman there told me maybe I had MAV. I was like “NO WAY”! Because I never had the vertigo when I had a migraine and I’ve not gotten aura migraines in 4 yrs.
But I was getting the vertigo the day before and the day of my periods.

I went to see a hormone specialist and she is putting me on progesterone for my periMENTALpause

My symptoms

1- vertigo at pms
2- horrible tinnitus (had my first bout 2 months after my first bout of vertigo)
3- hearing loss (just dx last Nov)
4- hot flashes

And 5 yrs ago, for a yr. I got my first migraine with aura. I was at work and thought I was losing my sight. I FREAKED! The sight came back and a dealthy headache followed.
I went to see a neuro and she was like “yeah, you’ll live”

I’m asking my rheumatologist for a referral for one of the best migraine dr’s in my city.

So what do you think? Any input? Suggestions?

Thanks all


The first time I read your post, I missed the first line (“that I found this forum”) – and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what you would be happy about! It makes a lot more sense now that I’ve read correctly, though.

ENT’s are rarely helpful (unless the problem really is an inner-ear thing) because they don’t know about MAV and to them it sounds just like vestibular neuritis.

MAV certainly sounds fitting. Tinnitus is common. Hearing loss is uncommon but can occur (though it doesn’t tend to progress and isn’t permanent). In women, hormonal changes can trigger MAV. And vertigo and headaches often don’t occur at the same time. Your history of migraine headaches makes MAV likely.

If you want to tell us what city or state you’re in (though you certainly don’t have to), someone here might be able to recommend a migraine specialist (or similar) in your area.

In Chicago, for example, there’s a great guy called Dr. Tim Hain who also does phone consults. He is a leading authority on MAV. If you go to www.dizziness-and-hearing.com (his site) you can read all sorts of info about both MAV and other sources of vertigo.

Hi Jen and welcome ,
I’m sure you’l find some great info here, awsome people willing to help you and give their ideas on what they’ve done to help manage their symptoms.
It seems Mav’ers symptoms are many and not all of us are the same,We all stuggle with trying different medications, only to find what might help one person, might hinder another.

I’m happy you’ve found this forum too.
good luck with your search for health.