I Don't Know What The Hell Is Wrong With You

Ever get tired of hearing Docs say this?

I went to a Neuro opthamologist today who knew less about visual input to the brain than I did.
Like I needed to drive the car clean out there so I could suffer in the flo lights when I got there???
I am so tired of almost falling on my face when I get out of the car,
blurred vision getting there,
then going through the panic of walking through the flo lit med centers.
In the waiting room, the damn chair was floating or I was floating with the chair,

Then after being there for a couple hours, sitting, I walk out of there like some other person,
all because the vestib system has quieted down from being out of the car.
Clear vision on the way home, WTH???
I mean WTH kinda nut made up this insane illness?
Anyone with just MAV haver the car motion sensitivity I do,
or is it those with a dual DX of MAV/MdDS?



With those symptoms, i don’t know how you make it out without sedation. i can’t drive at all and i can’t passenger without 20 mg of valium and the seat reclined. in my better days, i used to keep the car moving, even at a stoplight (would stop way before the light so i could keep taking my foot off the break). I had no idea anything about MAV or MDD - just I was a strange person with a stranger illness that no doc was going to be able to figure out.

and in the beginning, that last part was true - doc after doc looked at me like i was a freak. One said “wow, this is bad!” (thanks a lot!) One NEUROLOGIST said “have you thought of seeing a psychiatrist” A NEUROLOGIST! the ENT I went to shot a look at my husband, when I asked if he thought it was BPPV - “no, this is much more complicated than that - you need a superspecialist” and the really strange thing, to me, is that almost every time i went, to the ER, to an office, somebody, whether it was a nurse, an assistant, or a doc, “mentioned” the word migraine and then skipped over it. I knew deep down i was having a migraine, but what about all this dizziness?? I had no idea the two were linked. Then i found this forum and finally knew there was at least a name for this insanity. Until then I would say every single day - nobody can be this dizzy and still exist. This just isn’t part of the human condition! Well, we can, and we do and it is.

so heather you went to the neuro-opth today and they have no idea? Did they have any suggestions?

I thought the guy was worthless.
I loved how he said “I don’t do vertigo” like some maid saying “I don’t do windows”. Lol.
I swear to God, I just want to “click” with a Doc, and I’m not doing that here!
I’m going to schedule an appt with another neuro oto, and tell him my concerns about the tests.
I mean really Julie, what am I going to do here? I do NOT want to do those darn tests!!!
I don’t want to be made worse. I’m bad enough as it is.
I will probably still see my Mom’s neurologist next week.
I see my Dad’s cardiologist tomorrow.
Too many Doc appts this week.
On a good note, I did get a decent walk in before the doctors appt.
I think one of the things drastically affecting me every day is my hormones.
One day I am fighting blacking out and can barely walk, and today I actually ran to the car
at the grocery store? What in God’s name . . . . sheesh!!!
It must have been more than 3o or 45 days since I could actually “run” for fear of passing out or falling on my face.
I cannot stand this hormonal rollercoaster. 7 months no period. 2 months a period. Now, no period again.
If someone doesn’t get this base of skull pressure out of my head I will take a hammer and knock off my head.

Anyone else get base of skull crap?


" I don’t do vertigo " ? Then why were you referred to him - or maybe you weren’t. and he had no referral for you?

Yes, I DID find a neuro-oto who did not require tests. He saw MAV all over me. He said we could talk about doing vestibular testing, but let’s try Zoloft first. If it works, that’s the confirmation we need. So call and at least find somebody who will see you without testing. If JH doesn’t do the chair before the consult, there must be somebody else who doesn’t.

Thing is, you have to get past the front desk - you know how to do that, yes?


Who at JH can you see without testing first, or do you mean just “the chair”.
Oh, BTW, I already know Furman has been known to suggest zoloft for MAV.
So what if I already know I do not want to take zoloft?
I know where this is all going . . . I’m doomed to a life of benzos and trying to
get eyeglasses that don’t make the ground pop up and down.

I’m starting to realize one of the reasons I panic in flo light.
My vision sucks in it.


I PMd you - I had some questions for you anyway.