I have migraine and not Menieres!

Just got back from the neurologist after waiting 4 months to get in. He thinks I don’t have MM and that it is migraine and all the stress I am under. Going to start with Amitriptyline and see how that goes. Will continue with Verapamil as have some high BP issues. Said I can stop with the Beta Serc after I feel better.
If I am not better in 6 months we will try something else.

On the whole I liked him; not a great bedside manner but he warmed as we went along. Wanted to talk about the USA. Was foggy this morning but I did have my list of questions with me.

The last 3 weeks have been hell with something happening almost every day.

I do hope that this is the answer as I have tried just about everything out there for Menieres.

I posted this on the MM site but thought I would share the info here as I have learned so much from this site and all the wonderful people here.


Hi James,

I’m really pleased to hear this. I’m also really glad you got your point across over at the MM forum as well because I think there are many there who unknowingly have migraine and not MM at all or a combination of the two. Not their fault of course but there seems to be too many that are thrown into the MM basket when there are obvious clues that it is something else (as in MAV). Having said that I have come across a few people in my time who are determined to hang onto their original dx even in the face of evidence to suggest otherwise. There was an article in the science literature published about this with respect to migraine. Some people would not swallow the fact that they were or could be a migraineur.

Six months seems like a long time to have to trial a medication. According to the guy I saw here in Sydney, if there’s no beneficial effect after 6 weeks on an efficacious dose, it’s time to toss it and move on.

Best … Scott 8)

Good news James! Sort of. You know what I mean :slight_smile:


Scott, I agree I think that many at mm.org probably have migraine as well.The discussion is up and running and that great thread that you and Terry started that is in the database is helping many people.I was so paranoid about migraines that when they stopped in my 20’s I never looked at any literature or news articles about new treatments etc.If someone brought the topic up I would run the other way.I was so superstitious about it.The doc is hard to get in with of course but he said I could contact him through email.There are only around 384 neurologists in all of Sweden.He said there are even less in the UK.

Victoria, I called a friend who has been with me for all this and I was yelling I have migraine! He was going whopee I am sick but it’s migraine.It sounded a bit crazy,I know what you mean. :smiley:
Even though it is a dreadful condition at least more research is being done than is happening with Menieres.It’s pretty bleak,especially if you consider the surgeries that happen as a last resort.
I am convinced that the 2 are definitely related somehow,members of the same family.